Kristin and George {engaged!} , Covington, LA

I met up with Kristin and George on small farm just northeast of Covington, LA.  The farm produced lots of opportunities for us to goof of, so that we did.  I love couples that are relaxed and open to anything I suggest! (Well- except for one thing.  One of these two is afraid of heights, READ MORE

Stephanie and Jason {engaged!}, New Orleans

We frolicked in the park.  We at Beignets at Cafe Du Monde.  They blew powdered sugar on each other (I stayed out of that one).  We had a fun time in the Big Easy.  Congrats Stephanie and Jason!

5 ways to speed up your group portraits (so you can get to the party!)

“Grandpaw James!  Grandpaw Jaaaames!  Has anyone seen Grandpaw James?” The ceremony is over.  The Groom has kissed the Bride. The wedding party has made it to the foyer, where they are making fun of the best man for trying to hide his tears.  Congratulations and hugs are interrupted by a familiar voice,  “It’s picture time!”.  READ MORE

When I say Black, you say Gold!

This is an visually driven blog, but today we’re going to mix it up with an audio post. I wanted to introduce our readers to one of the best Saint’s songs I’ve heard. The New Orleans based band, MoJeaux performed this at Rachel and Brian’s wedding last weekend. Check it out! The song is available READ MORE

Caption m.e. Monday!

What a great way to kick off the year!  I had an amazing time at Rachel and Brian’s wedding Saturday.  It was our first time to shoot at Cypress Columns (Houma). The decor was phenomenal.  The Bride and Groom were stunning.  The crowd was buzzing (mostly because of Rachel and Brian-  and maybe a little READ MORE