Samantha and Rafe {engagements at River Ranch, Lafayette, LA}

Christen and Joshua {an LSU engagement session}

Christen and Joshua are getting married this weekend, can’t wait! Just look at her eyes, isn’t she gorgeous! Joshua isn’t bad either.

Caption m.e. Monday!

My wife Heather in action: This deserves a caption!

Congrats Val :)

Valerie (one of our favorite wedding planners!) just walked down the aisle 20 minutes ago so since I am home and Mark is at the wedding I thought I would grab a few to share really quick¬† ! Congrats Val and Tyler …. Hope tonight is amazing .. Can’t wait to see your pics . READ MORE

Melissa and Russell, flaunting in the French Quarter

Melissa and Russell joined me in the French Quarter while they were in New Orleans celebrating their one year anniversary. They flaunted their wedding attire and their wonderful personalities around the French Quarter for a Free to Flaunt session. Congrats on the Anniversary Melissa and Russell! Thanks for letting me be a part of the READ MORE