Over the past few months-  several brides have told us how much the love Ruffled, a website for vintage brides!  Well, of course, this caught our attention- so we wanted to find out more about the site.  We love what they are doing, and wanted to be a part of it.  Today, we became the READ MORE

Allyson and Luke {Alexandria, LA}

A day before this wedding, I received a call from a good friend.  “Your wedding is shutting down the Jackson Street Bridge tomorrow tonight  (a main bridge in Central Louisiana),  who are these people?”  He asked.   I thought that was pretty funny.  They did arrange to have the bridge closed for 5 minutes for the READ MORE

Claire and Michael, Baton Rouge

Prep and Ceremony:  St Jude Catholic Church Reception:  Lakehouse Reception Center Cake:  Baum’s I loved the look on Michael’s face when Claire gave him a special little book created by our friends at The Boudoir Vixen. I had such a great time with these guys, and isn’t little Jacob the cutest little boy in the READ MORE

Today- go have a pillow fight with someone you love.

From Michelle and Mark’s engagement session. More images coming soon!

From a photographers perspective: 10 things to know about wedding cakes

1. Lattice is not to be placed any where near a wedding cake.  Not even the Groom’s cake. 2. Save the candles for the birthday cakes.  (Candles around the cake are great!  Candles on the cake- not so great.) 3. Fire extinguishers are important, but put them next to the  drunk guests with sparklers (not READ MORE