Image of the day: Diana and Clete on their way to get married!

I love when couples decide to see each other before the ceremony- it just makes for much better photo opportunities. As Diana and Clete made their way to the ceremony, I was a few steps ahead of them to create this image:

Lauren and Jonathan, married at White Oak Plantation in Baton Rouge

We love Lauren!  (and Jonathan too).  Lauren has been a bridesmaid in several of our past weddings, and we were thrilled to find out when she met her Mr. Right.  Jonathan is such a great guy, we’re thrilled for both of them.  Look close, you may recognize several brides of ours from the past.

Photo of the day- Katelyn and Clay, married at the Kent House in Alexandria, LA

Katelyn and Clay were married Saturday at the Kent House in Alexandria. Here’s a quick glimpse from their beautiful wedding. Everything was perfect!

Tomorrow’s wedding, Shabby Chic! Katelyn and Clay

I’m excited to shoot Katelyn and Clay’s shabby chic wedding at the Kent House in Alexandria tomorrow. The weather looks like it’s going to be perfect! Here are some images from their engagement session last year.

Heather and Brian, New Orleans

Heather and Brian were married in New Orleans a few weeks ago. They brought the party… Congratulations you two!