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Congrats Ashley & Brandon ! We cannot wait to celebrate with the two of you !


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Congrats Ashley & Brandon ! We cannot wait to celebrate with the two of you !

Meet Ashley & Brandon

Meet Ashley & Brandon

French Quarter romance! Heather and Brandon


In the mood for a little French Quarter romance?   Then you’ll certainly enjoy Heather and Brandon’s French Quarter engagement session.  These two certainly know how to rock the camera, I can’t wait for their wedding next month!


Q. How did you meet and how long have you been together ?
A. Welllllllll “technically” we first met on a playground in elementary school, we were both in kindergarten. We remained buddies up until high school, where we attended different schools and lost touch. About two and a half years ago while deployed in Afghanistan, he found me on Facebook and after several days of hesitation (which he admitted to =D ) he finally decided to message me. We messaged back and forth for several weeks, as cliche’ as it sounds, we picked up right where we left off, as if losing touch for 10+ years had never happened. Weeks turned into months, 6 months later he returned to Alaska, where he was stationed and a year later I moved there. And the rest is history!
Q. How did he/she ask you out for your first date?
A. This wasn’t your typical “first date”.. It was more like “Hey want to see Alaska?” Me, having never stepped foot on an airplane (I was one of those crazy people who thought every flight crashed or got hijacked) finally decided to just do it. He booked the flight, I flew to Alaska alone and well…. pretty legit first date, right?!
Q. Where did you go on your first date?
A. Does the airport count?? ;) ..I’m kidding.. ..a restaurant called the Turtle Club in Alaska. He had steak, I had halibut.
Q. Tell us about the proposal. We want all the details!
A. We have brought new meaning to the whole “long distance relationship” thing.. Literally…., him in Alaska, me in Louisiana. I’d fly there, he’d fly home. On one of his trips home, I picked him up from the airport. We were waiting for his bags and as soon as he saw one come rolling out, he asked me to go get it. Now men in the Army do not travel light. Of course I looked at him like he’d lost his mind, thinking “Is he serious right now, he wants ME to go get his 200lb bag?!” But….I did. As I turned around to lug something bigger than me, I looked up and saw him on one knee holding a medium sized gold box. He then asked me to marry him.. I said yes, THEN opened the box. Inside were flakes of fake snow, down beneath that was a snowman that he made himself, out of clay (scarf and all haha) and hanging from one of the stick arms was a ring tied with a ribbon. Ironically the first time I visited Alaska there was no snow and I, being the child I am, wanted to build a snowman desperately because I never had. So he brought the snow and snowman to me! :) He had to return to Alaska, he had a year left being stationed there. We didn’t want to spend another day apart from one another so I packed my bags, hopped on a plane and moved to Alaska. Hey, you only live once right?! Good grief… Written down, this sounds like something out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. :/
Q. Favorite things to do together.

A. Everything… I know that might sound crazy but we truly are best friends. While I am very artistic and he is very much the outdoor male, he will sit and paint with me and I caught my first fish with him. I’ve brought out his inner “crafty” self and lately we’ve started building and antiquing furniture. That is definitely a trial and error craft.
Q. Have a passion (besides your love of course) tell us about it!
A. I’ve been drawing/painting since I was in my early teens. I can sit for hours and draw. His truly is serving his country.. 12 years he’s dedicated his life to the Army. He’s deployed to Iraq 5 times and Afghanistan once.
French Quarter Engagement

Even the Louisiana Supreme Court can be a little romantic.

french quarter romance

How romantic can a police station be? Well another set of clients told me that was the exact spot where there were engaged (they did not realize it was a police station)

French Quarter Romantics

Romancing it up in the French Quarter

Napoleon House engagement

The Napoleon House always grabs my attention when photographing in the French Quarter

french quarter engagement session

French Quarter Style

frankenstein in the french quarter

Frankenstein in the French Quarter- how romantic!

French Quarter engagement session

This little nook behind St Louis Cathedral is often a quite little spot to grab a few romantic shots

french quarter engaged

The heart shaped chairs in this courtyard just scream romance

Latrobes engagement session

I love this doorway at Latrobes

French Quarter stoops

who can resist the stoops along the French Quarter

military engagement session new orleans

Thank you for your service Sergeant Brandon.

nola engagement session new orleans engagement in the french quarter

French Quarter romance!  Heather and Brandon

A Natchez Engagement Portrait

We couldn’t wait to share this Natchez engagement portrait with you.  Meet Ashley and Thomas!  These two lovebirds will be getting married Summit, Mississippi next month.

They met at Southwest Mississippi Community College, where Thomas is now the head basketball coach.  They love going to the movies, but love the popcorn more than anything (I can so relate to that)!

Look for more from their beautiful Natchez engagement session at Brandon Hall coming soon!

A Natchez Engagement Portrait

Truc and Doan’s French Quarter Enagement

When I met up with Truc and Doan for their French Quarter engagement session, the first thing I noticed was how much these two really loved each other.  They are so bubbly, and full of energy!   Can’t wait for the wedding!


How did you two meet?

A. Doan and I first met in the third grade. It was during rehearsal for our first holy communion. The girls and boys sat on opposite sides of the church and because Doan and I were both shorties at the time, we were placed to sit on the front row of our section directly facing each other. So we couldn’t help but to stare at each other. I guess you can say it was love at first sight! We grew to become good friends and ended up going to the same grade school. Once we reached high school Doan officially asked me to be his girlfriend! and it’s been amazing ever since!
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Truc and Doan’s French Quarter Enagement
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