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Meet Blake and Rachel ( #Goen2btison )

Meet Blake and Rachel  ( #Goen2btison )

Bryce and Stryker’s Engagement Session


Could not think of a sweeter couple to share with you this Valentines Day than the lovely Bryce and Stryker !  Everything about these two is adorbs .  Here are a few of my favorites from their session.




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Bryce and Stryker’s Engagement Session

Bryce & Stryker Coming Soon…

So tell me these two are not the most adorable couple ever !  Cannot wait to share more with you from Bryce and Strykers engagement session soon .

Bryce & Stryker Coming Soon…

Alison and Leo’s romantic New Orleans engagement session

I met up with Alison and Leo at New Orleans City Park for their romantic New Orleans engagement session.  These two met in New Orleans because of a St Louis Cardinals baseball cap,  they are both big fans of the Cards!  Check out their love story:

Q. How did you meet and how long have you been together ?
A. Leo and I met in New Orleans during the summer of 2007. I was currently still in school at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ, however I was doing an internship at Tulane hospital in New Orleans that summer. Leo and I met at Bruno’s a local college bar near Tulane campus. I was leaving the bar and Leo was entering the bar. Baseball season was in full swing and I am a die hard St. Louis Cardinals fan. As I was leaving I passed by a handsome man (Leo) wearing a St. Louis Cardinals hat. So I yelled “Go Cardinals!” He saw me and stopped me from leaving the bar. We learned we had a lot in common. I was trying to enter the medical field and he was currently a student at Tulane Medical School. We talked for about 45 minutes and exchanged information. He called me 5 days later for a date at “all you can eat, boiled crabs” at St. Charles Tavern. Since then we kept in touch long distance while I finished up college at ASU. Most of our relationship has been long distance. We lived together for 1 1/2 years in Alexandria, LA till I got into PA school.Q. Where did you go on your first date?
A. St. Charles Tavern for “all you can eat, boiled crabs”Q. Tell us about the proposal. We want all the details!
A. We were living in Alexandria Louisiana at the time. We made plans to stay in New Orleans for New Years. We drove down Dec. 29th 2012. Leo wanted to go to Pat O’briens to meet up with some friends. Leo knows one of the managers and we ran into him as we were walking in the bar. The manager said that he had a table open for us next to the Pat O’briens fountain. Twenty minutes or so later one of the workers approached me and asked if I wanted to light the fountain. I was a little hesitant because I am sort of shy but Leo encouraged me to do it. So as I went to light the fountain one of the photographers came by and asked to get a picture. After I lit the fountain I turned in for a picture with Leo and I saw that he was down on his knee. He asked if I would make him that happiest man at Pat’Obrians and marry him. I looked at the ring box and it looked empty. I look at him and the box with a confused look on my face. I then realized the box was upside down when he opened it. He was sooooo nervous. I laughed at him and he looked a little concerned. I told him the box was upside down and said YES!!! The whole event was caught on camera by the photographer. After the proposal we met up with friends to listen to jazz music at the Ritz.

Q. Do you have a special song together?
A. You’re nobody till somebody loves you- Frank Sinatra


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Alison and Leo’s romantic New Orleans engagement session

Guest blog post from the bride herself! Celina and Brett’s bayou engagement portraits

Celina runs a fantastic blog over at where she shares DIY projects, healthy living tips, and other fun ideas.   I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask her to come over and do a guest blog post for her own engagement session.  I had such a good time with her and Brett as we photographed at Brett’s family camp.   I can’t wait for the wedding!    I hope you enjoy Celina’s side of the story!


Meet Celina:

Hey everyone! My name is Celina, and I am a blogger, exerciser, lover of everything pretty, DIYer and huge fan of Mark Eric’s photography. I have been following Mark’s blog for quite some time so I was ecstatic when he agreed to let me do a guest post. On my blog My Cajun Trinity, I write about my interest in healthy living, DIY projects, fun findings and everything else that defines my life…especially my upcoming wedding.

My fiancé Brett actually proposed to me only three months after I started blogging, so my dedicated readers have been able to follow along with my planning as I gear up for the big day. Brett and I actually share this hobby of blogging together since he authors all of the DIY post. I’m proud to say that he has successfully completed many projects throughout our home. Almost every single piece of furniture in our house has either been refinished or built by him. You can view some of his masterpieces featured on the blog here.

Our Love Story

Brett and I’s love story began in 2008 when we met in Baton Rouge. He was in the United States Marine Corps at the time while I was starting my first “real” job after college. We maintained a distance relationship for four years, which required loads of trust and commitment from the both of us. Then ultimately we decided that eventually we wanted to start a family in Lafayette, LA. In 2013 our distance relationship finally ended when Brett joined me in Lafayette after his college graduation, then the following year he asked me to be his wife. For more details on our love story, click here.


Our proposal

Brett’s proposal to me was original, ultra sweet, but most importantly straight from the heart. As we were leaving for dinner to celebrate our five year anniversary last March, Brett presented the scrapbook I made for him for past Marine Corps annual training deployments. I had not added pages to the scrapbook within the past two years, so Brett decided to add his own touch to the scrapbook himself. As I flipped through all of the pages, I was blown away that he took the time to add these pieces of our love story to a project that I kept so close to my heart. When I got to the last page there was a cover sheet that read, “With all great endings comes new beginnings…” When I removed the cover sheet my eyes began to water as I read the words, “Will you marry me?”  Within seconds, Brett was on one knee asking me to be his wife. It was the most special and precious moment of my entire life. I immediately said yes as tears of joy fell from my eyes. For more details on the proposal, click here.

Our Engagement Session with Mark

Since I’ve been a fan of Mark’s work for quite some time, I actually made sure of his availability even before securing a date for our wedding. Another easy decision throughout our wedding planning process was choosing a location to take our engagement pictures. We decided to take them out in Belle River, LA. Brett has adored his Dad’s property out there since he was a small child. It’s where he learned how to hunt and survive in the woods. If he could, I’m pretty sure he would move out to this private property in a heartbeat. Since the passing of his Dad, Brett and his brother now share the land his Dad once owned.

I’ve actually had the pleasure of spending many afternoons and evenings out on the property. During our second year of dating, Brett took me along for a squirrel hunt, and in that moment I fell in love with the landscape that covers Belle River’s canvas.

Before the session, Brett and his Uncle Tralles went out to the property to manicure the areas where we planned to take pictures, and while sprucing up the land they even set up a small pile of wood for us to enjoy a fire at the end of the photo shoot. Unfortunately, the mosquitos were out in full force while we took pictures, but thankfully the bug spray that covered our bodies would be impossible to sniff through the captured photos. However, every time Mark asked Brett to kiss my forehead or cheek, he got a taste of the repellent, making his mouth burn on several occasions. We also tried every effort to keep me away from poison ivy, but as careful as we were I still somehow caught a tiny spell of the rash a few days later. So, as you can see, a few obstacles stood in our way, but after receiving the images from Mark it was all worth these struggles.

In Front of the Camera

As a blogger, I’m constantly taking photos…whether they be of my food, my surroundings or even myself. The photos I cherish the most are those that are captured of others in their most natural state.  Although I make a great effort to document pictures of Brett and me on the blog, those pictures always seem very posed and static. So, as you can imagine, it was somewhat of a change to have the camera directed towards me during our engagement session. Luckily, Mark really made the whole process easy going for both Brett and myself as he got to know us as individuals as well as a couple. He also centered the afternoon totally around us, making the effort to educate himself on the history of our relationship. I was also so pleased that Mark was as adventurous as us since the afternoon was filled with a bit of walking throughout the property as we looked for various backdrops.

I cannot say enough positive comments about our experience in front of the camera. Not only was it a pleasure to visit Belle River once again, it was also wonderful sharing an afternoon laughing and living in love. As our wedding date quickly approaches, I am so eager to not only marry my best friend but also become one with God. Thanks again to Mark for truly capturing Brett and I’s love story in one of the most cherished settings of our lives.

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Guest blog post from the bride herself! Celina and Brett’s bayou engagement portraits
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