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Rachel and Blake’s wedding at The Kent Plantation House

Rachel and Blake’s wedding at The Kent Plantation House

There was a time when Heather and I did volunteer work at our church serving as the Junior High coordinators.  Basically, we put together small group activities for this pivotal age group, as well as Wednesday night services.  One of our absolute favorite students to ever come through our ministry was Blake.  He is always the life of the party, but beyond that- he has the heart of a servant.  We knew that Rachel must be a really special girl since Blake chose her, and we were right.  Rachel is just as amazing! It’s been such a joy reconnecting with this wonderful couple as we documented their engagements and Rachel’s bridal session. Aren’t they just the most stylish couple?!


Vendors and Venues:

Planner-  Michelle Dyess

Florist – Rick Ferguson Flowers

Video – Bride Film

Wedding Colors – dark red, dark green, orange, navy, grey, brown-very fall color palette

Brides maid dress designer – Bella Bridesmaid

Bridal Gown Designer – Ti Adora by Alvina Valenta 

Ceremony and Reception Site – Kent Plantation House

 kent_house-8-2 kent_house-14 kent_house-18 kent_house-27 kent_house-60-2 kent_house-62-2 kent_house-67 kent_house-68-2 kent_house-69 kent_house-73-2 kent_house-87 kent_house-108-2 kent_house-129-2 kent_house-149-2 kent_house-152-2 kent_house-153-2 kent_house-157-2 kent_house-174 kent_house-176 kent_house-186 kent_house-188 kent_house-201-2 kent_house-213 kent_house-224-2 kent_house-248 kent_house-278 kent_house-331-2 kent_house-339-2 kent_house-359-2 kent_house-373-2 kent_house-381-2 kent_house-382-2 kent_house-398-2 kent_house-414 kent_house-418-2 kent_house-432-2 kent_house-449 kent_house-477-2 kent_house-482-2 kent_house-489-2 kent_house-505 kent_house-549-2 kent_house-555-2 kent_house-559-2-2 kent_house-562-2-2 kent_house-570-2 kent_house-579-2 green bridesmaids dress kent_house-612-2 kent_house-627-2 kent_house-645-2 kent_house-653 kent_house-663-2 kent_house-676 kent_house-702 kent_house-709 kent_house-710-2 feather boutinere kent_house-822 kent_house-832 kent_house-842-2 kent_house-855 kent_house-860 kent_house-871-2 kent_house-874 kent_house-878-2 kent_house-881-2 first look louisiana kent_house-888-2 kent_house-891-2 kent_house-893-2 kent_house-904-2 kent_house-925 kent_house-927 kent_house-932 kent_house-936 kent_house-937-2 kent_house-947-2 kent_house-955-2 kent_house-958-2 kent_house-988 kent_house-1077-2 kent_house-1079-2 kent plantation house kent_house-1101-2 kent_house-1138-2 kent_house-1143-2 kent_house-1196-2 kent_house-1199 kent_house-1232-2 kent_house-1239-2 kent_house-1243-2 gold bridesmaids dress kent_house-1254-2 kent_house-1274-2 chris endsley brooke davidson kent_house-1334 yellow bridesmaid kent_house-1416 kent_house-1418-2 kent_house-1419-2 kent_house-1428-2 wedding at the kent plantation house kent_house-1446 kent_house-1473 kent_house-1592 wedding kent plantation house kent_house-1640 chalkboard cake chalkboard wedding kent_house-1737 chalkboard photo booth kent_house-1752-2

Rachel and Blake’s wedding at The Kent Plantation House

Olivia and Patrick’s Louisiana wedding at Nottoway Plantation

Olivia and Patricks Louisiana wedding at Nottoway Plantation was a celebration of love and family.  They traveled to South Louisiana from the Shreveport area for a day to remember.    A wise person who I deeply respect told me recently  that rain on wedding days is a good thing , because wet knots are harder to untie.  If that’s the case, then these two lovebirds will have a long healthy marriage! How true that is , especially thinking back on our wedding day when it poured as well-  and that was 25 years ago!   Check out some of the amazing images we were able to produce because of the rain below.    I’m reading a great book titled “The Obstacle is the Way” right now, and that title couldn’t be more appropriate.  There are times when life’s challenges can be used to create something beautiful in the end.  On this day, we used the rain as a dramatic backdrop for some really unique and beautiful images.    So guess that makes us part of the club. Kudos and hats off to Olivia and Patrick for smiling through the rain and making the most of your amazing day.


Bride and Groom getting ready together

Olivia and Patrick decided to buck tradition by getting ready together!

first look with bride and her dad

The Daddy-Daughter first look is such an amazing moment

Nottoway-Louisiana Nottoway-347 Nottoway-367 Nottoway-228 Nottoway-356 Glitter-Champagne-glasses bullet cuffs Nottoway-246 Nottoway-259 Nottoway-386 Vercace Nottoway-419 bride and groom get ready together Nottoway-451 Nottoway-472 Nottoway-rain-wedding Nottoway-495 Nottoway-525 Nottoway-508 Nottoway-530 Nottoway-538-2 Nottoway-556 Nottoway-597 white room nottoway bridal party wedding ceremony in the white room at nottoway plantation Nottoway-765 ceremony in white room Nottoway-813 Nottoway-112 Nottoway-865 Smores gifts for wedding guests Nottoway-873 Nottoway-874 gold glitter wedding cake Nottoway-878 gold and white wedding cake Nottoway-894 Nottoway-906 Nottoway-919 Nottoway-922 Nottoway-926 Nottoway-930 Nottoway-987 Nottoway-1018 kids getting lit Nottoway-1169 Nottoway-1188 Nottoway-1197 southern romance Nottoway-1237 Nottoway-1263 Nottoway-1285

The Obstacle is the Way

The Obstacle is the Way- this shot couldn’t have been created if Olivia and Patrick weren’t willing to get wet!

Nottoway-1287 Nottoway-1322 Nottoway-1339 Louisiana Wedding at Nottoway Plantation


Even in the rain Nottoway Plantaion is a thing of beauty .  A southern gem full of stories from the past the longs to tell new stories .   Olivia knew she wanted her wedding to have a classic feel .  One that when she looked back it in 20 years would not feel dated . The gang over at Nottoway pulled her scheme together flawlessly with beautiful roses and peonies .  Her bridesmaids dresses from  BHLDN , Jenny Yoo , Amsale and Paper Crowns helped capture the color palette of ivory , blush , gold and mauve to perfection .  For her dress Olivia choose a stunner from Kenneth Winston and was flawless looking . When originally chatting with Olivia about her day and planning it out I must admit I got excited .  She and Patrick decided that they were going to not only break tradition and see each other prior to the ceremony but actually share space getting ready and help each other with final touches.  It was such a special time and we were thrilled to be a part of it and break tradition .

Though the ceremony did not happen outside , the white room made for a beautiful intimate setting for loved ones. After the ceremony the couple danced the night away with family and friends to the sounds of The Wonderfuls. When it came to the cake Olivia says she knew exactly what she wanted , the hard part was finding someone to create it , luckily for her , her vision came to life thanks to Chasing Wang .

Olivia and Patrick’s Louisiana wedding at Nottoway Plantation

We are honored to be chosen by Borrowed and Blue for a Q&A

Borrowed and Blue has become one of our favorite wedding websites over the last few years.  They produce a wealth of valuable content for brides and grooms all around the country.  Fortunately, one area they focus on heavily is New Orleans! We were flattered to receive an email from Helen, their New Orleans Market Specialist, asking if they could interview us.  We gladly obliged!   Even though the business is under the name of Mark Eric, everyone knows that we are really a husband and wife team.  While I (Mark) do most of the photography work, my wife is really the sugar that makes this cupcake so tasty.  If H&M wasn’t already a recognized brand, we’d probably own it-  but for now, we’ll just stick with Mark Eric, even though Heather’s name should definitely be part of the brand.  With that in mind, we answered the questions together.  Hope you enjoy!


Our Interview with Borrowed and Blue

Borrowed and Blue: “Wedding planning is tough work even if you’re an expert—which why it’s important to have amazing, knowledgeable vendors in your corner when working out the details of your event. This is where amazing New Orleans wedding vendors, like Mark Eric Photography, come in. Mark and Heather are the dynamic husband and wife duo behind the business, and they know NOLA like the back of their hands, especially as it comes to wedding photography. Pair their local knowledge with their knack for capturing the energy and emotion of a wedding day and you’ve got one kick-butt vendor on your team, friends! I’m so glad they were able to answer my questions so that our readers can get to know them, and their work, a bit better.!” – Helen, Borrowed & Blue’s New Orleans Market Specialist


What inspired you  to become a photographer?

“A new TV, or a camera!”  These were the two choices I gave my dad when he asked what I wanted for my birthday one year.  Honestly, I was really hoping for the TV,  but he bought the camera.  Looking back I have always been that person who only buys a magazine to look at the images . I was mesmerized by those who were able to capture those  perfect moments on the pages ,  create stunning portraits, and telling  a visual story with their lens. Little did I know that my hobby and curiosity would become my life’s passion.


Describe your photographic aesthetic in three words.

Playful. Colorful. Editorial.  



What’s the first thing you like to ask couples when you meet with them?

We love hearing about the proposal!  Was she surprised, or did she suspect it was coming?  Did he go all out, or was it intimate?  Did anyone cry, and if so.. who cried first?  There is something so telling within a couple’s proposal story of who they are and how they interact with each other and that’s what we want to see and know .  It automatically gives us a sense of what they are looking for in a photographer .  Are they whimsical and looking for playful images?  Or are they intimate and looking for images that are romantic and snuggly?.  We need to understand what is important to them and who they are as a couple in order to create images that speak to them and tell their unique love story . Because in the end,  it’s not just about taking pretty pictures but it is about creating images that speak to them .



What is one piece of advice you would give to couples on their wedding day to help create great photographs?

Well actually we have several but I will just share two . Relax and enjoy it .  This is so important not just for us as photographers but for the couples as well .  You’ve dreamed of this day your entire lives ( in most cases ) , so sit back and enjoy the ride. If you are stressed it is going to show on your face and in your images .  So grab a glass of wine and know that the day is going to be amazing regardless of any hiccups . Allow for, and schedule time for creative couple photos .  Yes we are fast and can do our magic quick but often times brides try to squeeze too much into a tiny window of time and the creative shots are forced out the window because of timelines .



Do you have a favorite moment in a wedding day to photograph?

As a dad, I always look forward to the moment the father of the bride sees her in her dress for the first time.  I cannot begin to image the emotions flooding the dad seeing his little girl and realizing this is it . We often try to schedule a time where the bride gets to show off her beautiful dress to her father.  The day goes by so quickly that this moment can easily get lost in the rush if not planned for.  What can I say I am a sucker for tears and these moments almost always guarantee a few happy ones.



How about a favorite aspect of your job in general?

Hands down it has to be seeing our clients with tangible images.  There is something so rewarding seeing moments you captured in a frame , on a wall or on a coffee table in the form of a book .  We want our clients to enjoy their images over and over, not just once a year when they pop in a usb and look at them on a screen.  We recently took bridal portraits at our bride’s family home.  We also photographed this bride’s’ brother’s wedding a few years prior. We smiled  from ear to ear when we walked  into their home and saw wall portraits and a wedding album on display that we created.  Knowing that the work we produce brings smiles to families on a daily basis is extremely rewarding.  



What are some of your favorite areas to photograph in NOLA?

New Orleans is big canvas just waiting to be explored.  The architecture is unlike anywhere else in the world. The majestic oak trees around Audubon Park and City Park create stunning backdrops.  I love venturing to the residential areas just beyond the French Quarter where the crowds are smaller, but the New Orleans vibe is strong!


Give our readers one suggestion for something they should do after they should get engaged.

Celebrate !  You are engaged and that calls for celebration , savor the moment . Share with your family and friends first , then take it to social media . Shout it from the rooftops , “he finally asked” or “she said yes “. Then get busy selecting your most important vendors .  Nothing worse than finding out your favorite  photographer is completely booked up a year ahead and your date is taken .



Describe your dream day in New Orleans.

Depends on if Heather is with me or not !  She likes to sleep in and I am ready to get out and do something .  Maybe wake to brunch at Surrey’s followed by a day of shopping on Magazine St.  (doing hubby duties ) Then  eat a late lunch at Legacy Kitchen before heading to Frenchman St for a night listening to some of New Orleans best musicians.  Because after all New Orleans is all about great food and music .


What makes a New Orleans wedding different from a wedding in another part of the country?

We’ve photographed weddings on every coast of the United States.  We’ve traveled to Paris and the Caribbean to document beautiful weddings, but we can honestly say nowhere compares to New Orleans.  The venues are the most unique.  The food can’t be matched.  The bands in New Orleans blow away the competition.   But beyond that, the traditions that New Orleans Weddings offer can’t be matched anywhere else, from second line parades to cake pulls-  New Orleans weddings are absolutely the most unique weddings in the world.  Hands down our favorite without a doubt.



Thanks again to Borrowed and Blue (especially Helen) for reaching out to us for the Q&A.  We’re thrilled to have been considered for the interview.


We are honored to be chosen by Borrowed and Blue for a Q&A

Laura and Matt’s wedding at Houmas House

Laura and Matt’s wedding at Houmas House.

Before their big day, we asked Laura to share her vision for her wedding with us.  Here’s what she had to say:

From day one, Matt & I knew we wanted something very romantic & whimsical, and a ceremony that definitely took place in the outdoors. When we found our venue, The Houmas House Plantation, it was the easiest decision we have had to make thus far. With the lush gardens and the beautiful oak lined front lawn, we knew it was exactly what we wanted for our special day. After choosing the venue, everything else just fell into place.

We wanted to keep the ceremony simple, but added a touch of romantic lighting by adding 8 tall lanterns with column candles inside.
When deciding on decor for the reception, Pinterest came to the rescue. I’ve been planning my dream wedding for the past 7 years we have been together so the floral arrangements and decor weren’t a difficult task for me. We chose to do whimsical arrangements on both the entrance tables & the buffet tables with baby’s breath, curly willow, and blush & ivory roses. For the guest tables we did a mixture of lanterns, candles & rose pedals, as well as floral arrangements similar to my bouquet.

For the reception, the band was it for us! Without a doubt we wanted a band that was going to bring both our families together for a night they would never forget, and I think we will definitely accomplish that & much more with Groovy 7. We can’t wait to dance the night away & share our love with all of our friends and family.”

The Team:

Venue: Houmas House

Florist- Billy Heroman’s

Cake Artist – Zoe’s Bakery

Make Up Artist – Melanie Hollander

Rentals – Royal Event Rentals

Videographer -Brooke Boyd

Entertainment for the Reception –Groovy7

Brides maid dress designer  – Jim Hjelm

Bridal Gown Designer – Stella York


Q. What inspired your grooms cake

A. Matt loves loves LOVES everything cycling, especially the Tour de France. When I found the cake design online it was an easy pick!

Want to see more the loveliness of Houmas House , you might enjoy Meagan and Jeffs wedding from there .

Houmas House Louisiana Houmas_House_Louisiana_wedding Louisiana Plantation Home Mimosa Louisiana pink pajamas spring houmas house-106 turtle bar houmas house Laura_Matt-143 Laura_Matt-147 Laura_Matt-160 Laura_Matt-248 houmas house cottage Laura_Matt-300 houmas house romance wedding at houmas house louisiana bride and groom louisiana ring bearer and flower girl romantic spots louisiana beautiful fountains of the world Louisiana Love Story Houmas House Wedding crying groom oak trees of louisiana Houmas House Gardens ring bearer and flower girl cute Laura_Matt-845 Laura_Matt-850 Laura_Matt-902 Laura_Matt-960 Houmas House Pavillion Reception Houmas House Pavillion Reception Ballroom wedding cake houmas house cake pull new orleans tradition mr and mrs first dance Laura_Matt-1098 new orleans cake pull charms cake pull charm crying bride and groom toast Laura_Matt-1380 wedding rave Laura_Matt-1401 happy wedding ring bearer groovy 7 wedding Groovy 7 Wedding Laura_Matt-1443 paix fun wedding reception Laura_Matt-1517 Laura_Matt-1518 Groovy 7 Wedding Singing Groom Parasols bride and groom Houmas House sparklers at night

Laura and Matt’s wedding at Houmas House

Rachel and Joshua’s Swampy Chic Wedding at Stella Plantation

Rachel and Josua’s  Swampy Chic Wedding at Stella Plantation.


Rachel and Joshua’s wedding  team:

Planner and Designer:  Mint Julep

Venue:  Stella Plantation

Florist:  Mitch’s Flowers

Stylist:  Glam Nola

Makeup: Laura Palumbo

Furniture Rentals:  Timeless Vintage Rentals

Wedding Dress:  Blanc Boutique

Cake Artist:  Flour Power

Video:  Bella Productions

DJ:  Aaron Lane


stella_plantation-150 stella_plantation-172 stella_plantation-179 stella_plantation-181 stella_plantation-213 stella_plantation-269 stella_plantation-348 stella_plantation-357 stella_plantation-395 stella_plantation-428 stella_plantation-508 stella_plantation-614 stella_plantation-673 stella_plantation-717 stella_plantation-732b stella_plantation-738 stella_plantation-760 stella_plantation-789 stella_plantation-857 stella_plantation-865 stella_plantation-933 stella_plantation-971 stella_plantation-1021 stella_plantation-1049 stella_plantation-1050 stella_plantation-1053 stella_plantation-1072 stella_plantation-1192 stella_plantation-1217 stella_plantation-1242 stella_plantation-1289 stella_plantation-1321 stella_plantation-1375 stella_plantation-1452 stella_plantation-1481 stella_plantation-1529 stella_plantation-1545 stella_plantation-1572 stella_plantation-1602 stella_plantation-1671 stella_plantation-1686 stella_plantation-1722 stella_plantation-1739 stella_plantation-1863 stella_plantation-1907 stella_plantation-1938 stella_plantation-1976 stella_plantation-2019 stella_plantation-2034

Rachel and Joshua’s Swampy Chic Wedding at Stella Plantation
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