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A Southern Sort of Love under the Magnolia’s

Just a few of our favs from a recent workshop that we put together  .  Had such a great day with our incredible attendees .  Thanks for spending the day getting your learn on with me ! It was great meeting each and every one of you .  Lets do it again soon .  Side note , cannot wait to spend the wedding day with these two love birds who modeled for us .

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A Southern Sort of Love under the Magnolia’s

Ashley and Kevin’s Ritz Carlton Wedding in New Orleans

Ashley and Kevin’s Ritz Carlton Wedding in New Orleans with Ruby and Pearl!

Tell us your story,  how did you meet? 

My father actually coached my fiance Baseball at Brother Martin High School in New Orleans. He always spoke highly of his character and we started dating my senior year at Mount Carmel Academy in 2009. We both went to UNO after graduating, but LSU picked him up for Baseball a year after I started college with him. It wasn’t easy, me staying at UNO and he going off the Baton Rouge, but our love was strong enough to get us through it. We’ve been together 6 years now and we couldn’t be happier. Everyone that knows our story always says how lucky my Dad is to have been able to “hand pick” his son-in-law to be. I agree, and I will be forever grateful to him for setting us up!


Who is your wedding planner? 

Jack Kane with “Ruby & Pearl”

Who is your Florist?

Kim Starr Wise

Who is doing your makeup? 

Chris Carter

Who is your Cake Artist?

The Ritz Carlton

Who is your cinematographer? 

Dyle Films

Who is your band? 

Groovy 7

Who designed your gorgeous dress? 

Pnina Tornai

Getting Ready and Reception:  Ritz Carlton New Orleans

Ceremony:  St Louis Cathedral

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Ashley and Kevin’s Ritz Carlton Wedding in New Orleans

Laura and Matt’s Houmas House Wedding Coming Soon

Laura and Matt’s Houmas House wedding coming soon to the blog .  The rain didn’t stop these two love birds from the wedding of their dreams .

Houmas House

Laura and Matt’s Houmas House Wedding Coming Soon

Emily & Clay’s Wedding at Loyd Hall

Photographed by Heather

This was one of those rare weddings that I take on without the fabulous Mark Eric and go solo on 🙁  I really do love it when I get the chance to have a wedding together with my sweetie .  He brings a calming assurance to me that no one else can bring me.  Even though he jokes that I do not need him and even though I tend to boss him around when we shoot together ( and if you know us you will completely appreciate that comment ) .  We compliment each other perfectly if I do say so myself .  Emily and Clay’s wedding happened to be on an even more rare occasion , one where we both had a wedding in our home town of Alexandria .  Which meant we both were home before midnight on a Saturday night and that Mark got to pop in and help me with my wedding towards the end of the night . I joked that I was going to go home and put my feet up once he got there , but I was having too much fun shooting with him and hanging with Emily and Clay and their fab families .

Where do I even begin with Emily and Clay ?  These two are so insanely sweet together that you cannot help but smile from ear to ear when you see them together .  Wedding days are always full of surprises , it’s part of what makes them so great , however I was completely thrown when Emily decided last minute that she wanted to sneak off to see Clay before the ceremony .  So what’s the big deal , I know couples see each other before the wedding all the time you say .  Well Emily did not want to upset her mom when she decided last minute so we sort of snuck out .  Talk about a sneak peak .  I felt like the little girl with her hand in the cookie jar , praying I would not get caught 🙂  Thanks Emily and Clay for allowing me to be apart of your special day .  I count myself blessed to have been part of your new beginning together .

Here are a few of my favs from the day .  Special thanks to the talented Sheryl Finney for assisting and second shooting!



Vendors and Venues:

Ceremony and Reception:  Loyd Hall

Planner:  Debbie Ahrens

Flowers: Accent Designs

Cake:  Cake Barn

Makeup:  Kaitlyn Babin


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Emily & Clay’s Wedding at Loyd Hall

Christine and Robert’s wedding at The Roosevelt in New Orleans

Christine and Robert’s wedding at The Roosevelt in New Orleans with Elyse Jennings Weddings!

Christine and Robert met via some mutual friends at Superior Grill in New Orleans.  They didn’t talk to each other that night, but as fate would have it-  they ran saw each other the next night at a big New Years Eve party and totally hit it off.  According to Christine,

“He asked if he could kiss me at midnight and I was a little shy about it, but I said yes. The rest is history. That night he asked if he could take me on a date the next night and I was floored. It had been a long time since someone had asked me on a proper date. Of course I said yes. Although we were both super hungover, we managed to go make it to Sake Cafe for sushi, followed by wine at Delachaise, which has remained one of our favorite spots since then.

Obviously New Years Eve is one of our favorite holidays now! :)”

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How did he propose? 

“Last summer we went to Napa Valley for a couple of days before one of my best friends got married in Sonoma. We are really into wine and the art surrounding wine-making, so this was a big trip for us. I had been planning it for a year. I’m the planner in our relationship, so I was a little annoyed when he asked if we could change our itinerary last minute to include a winery that one of our friends was raving about. We had looked at rings and in fact had been in contact with a jewelry designer in Dallas designing my ring remotely, so I knew it was coming. I just didn’t know when. The designer had emailed me stating that the ring wouldn’t be ready until the end of July, which was after our trip, so I was a little bummed that we were probably not getting engaged on the trip. The morning we were supposed to go to this particular winery, Robert was very concerned about his outfit and mine. I was like, I look fine – we are going to a winery. So I knew something was up. But I felt like it was wishful thinking that he would propose that day. Then our driver called a said he had been in a little accident and asked if we could drive ourselves and he would meet us there. Robert seemed unusually agitated. So we go to this winery in Sonoma and the views are breathtaking. They gave us a private tour of their caves, then took us on an ATV tour up the mountain where you can see all the way to San Francisco from the vineyard. It’s spectacular. The tour guide said he needed to go check on the vines, which I didn’t think was peculiar because the grapes were just starting to change color, which is a huge deal in the Valley. Before he left, he placed a wine bottle a tasting table, which I thought he was leaving in preparation for a tasting when he got back. So Robert and I started taking pictures and enjoying the view, when I asked what the wine was for. It was covered in a bubble wrap, kookie type thing, so I yanked it out and was floored when I saw the label. Robert had a label made for this wine bottle that said “Marry Me Angel – Love You Always”, with our story on the back of it. Obviously I was a puddle of tears as he got down on one knee. It was just the perfect proposal – the proposal every girl dreams of – in a vineyard, on top of a mountain. It was so romantic. It was better than if I had planned it myself.”


What are your passions?

“We both love cooking. As crazy as it sounds, I love listening to Robert talk about work – he’s an orthopedic surgeon and medicine is not in my wheelhouse, so I love learning about it and hearing about all his crazy surgeries. We love walking our dogs in our neighborhood. I love reading. And I am beyond obsessed with researching travel. My friends call me the travel agent, even though I don’t do it for a living. But I probably should. Robert really loves his patients and his job. It’s beautiful to see someone who literally makes peoples lives better on a daily basis.”



Vendors and Venues:

Planner:  Elyse Jennings Weddings

Flowers:  Bella Blooms

Getting Ready and Reception: The Roosevelt Hotel, New Orleans

Ceremony:  Immaculate Conception

Hair:  Blush and Bashful

Makeup:  Robert Hudson

Wedding Dress:  Ivory Bridal Atelier – Houston; Designer – Liancarlo

Cake Artist:  The Roosevelt Hotel, New Orleans

Film Makers:  Contrast Films

Band:  BRW  

DJ:  All Out Entertainment


Christine and Robert’s wedding at The Roosevelt in New Orleans
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