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Meghan and Brad’s wedding at Lafayette’s City Club


Meghan and Brad began their special day in River Ranch.  While Brad was getting ready at a private residence, Meghan and her girls spent the morning at the beautiful Carriage House.  They met up at St Johns Cathedral for a beautiful and sacred ceremony- then proceeded back to River Ranch to celebrate their wedding at Lafayette’s City Club!

We were joined by New Orleans’ Bride Film to help video this special day, we can’t wait to see what they captured!

Q. How did you meet and how long have you been together ?
A. I was at nurse at the local charity hospital, LSU, in Shreveport, and one of Brad’s college roommates, Frankie, was a physician at LSU. We had a Christmas Party at Frankie’s house in December of 2010, and after the party, we all went to Superior Steakhouse. Frankie told everyone that his friend, Wood (Brad’s last name) was coming to meet us. From the second I laid eyes on Brad, I knew he was the one for me! Brad walked in the door with a V-neck sweater on over an oxford shirt with slacks. He was as preppy as they come–so my style!! Anyway, we had the BEST time EVER!! Brad was a TON of fun!! Everyone went home after we left the Steakhouse. Two weeks later, my best friend and I were eating at a pizza place in Shreveport, and I was telling her about that night at the Steakhouse. I just so happen to look in the bar area, and there was Brad!! He was sitting alone at the bar, watching sports on the TV. I yelled his name like an idiot. He sat down at the table with us and visited. I knew from that moment on that we were meant to be together! Brad ended up calling me a few weeks later, and the rest is HISTORY! :)

Our first date was January 29, 2011, and we’ve been inseparable ever since!

Q. Tell us about the proposal. We want all the details! 

A. Wellllllll….. I wear a size 3.5 ring, and because of that, the jeweler had to custom make my engagement ring which as you can imagine, totally stressed Brad out. What if I don’t get the right ring? What if she hates it, and then I’m stuck with it? He told me that he struggled with how to propose and what the best thing to do was, so here it goes….
One RANDOM Wednesday at 6:45, Brad’s work alarm went off. Brad got up just like any normal work day, let our dog, Rosie, outside to potty! After, he put Rosie in bed with me, and then he got into the shower. He finished showering, and he came to get Rosie to take her back outside. I was absolutely confused because he had just taken her to potty, but whatever, I was so tired that I didn’t care. He brought Rosie back inside and put her back on the bed. Rosie was a puppy (10 months old), so she was VERY hyper. She was jumping ALL over me, while I was trying to sleep. I was getting frustrated, but then I noticed a red light on her collar. I said, “Brad, what is that red light on Rosie?” He, of course, played dumb. I sat up (just a reminder–it was about 7:15 in the morning) to see what it was, and I saw a plastic, pink, light up ring with a note attached. My first thought was “NO WAY!!! I KNOW this isn’t happening now!” I sat up to read the note, which I couldn’t concentrate on whatsoever, and once I turned around, Brad was down on one knee asking me to marry him!
Once the whole proposal was done, he explained why he did things the way he did them! I’m SOOO excited that he did, because I ended up with my dream ring and my dream guy!

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Meghan and Brad’s wedding at Lafayette’s City Club

Isn’t Love Swell? A Popp’s Fountain First Look

This Popp’s Fountain First Look was simply spectacular,  stay tuned for more from this gorgeous wedding!

Isn’t Love Swell?   A Popp’s Fountain First Look

Alexis & Jon’s Latrobes on Royal wedding!

Getting Ready:   Beauty Lounge  & Hyatt

Ceremony and Reception:  Latrobes on Royal

Candles and Ambiance:  Firefly Ambiance

Alexis and Jon were married in a Latrobes on Royal wedding for the ages.  These two lovebirds and their families were so much fun to work with!  If you haven’t seen their engagement photos, be sure to check them out here:  Alexis and Jon’s French Quarter engagement session. 


Alexis and her girls got ready at the Beauty Lounge (A Shawn Gordon Salon) on South Peters in the Warehouse District, while Jon and his guys got ready at the Hyatt.  We love Jon’s socks (but we don’t really care for the two  pairs of ‘Bama socks- yuck!)   And how glamorous are Lexi and her girls, wow!

Everyone met up at one of the most famous venues in all of New Orleans, Latrobes on Royal, which is right in the heart of the French Quarter).  Alexis and Jon were married in style, then proceeded to party-  and I do mean party- the night away.   We can’t wait to work with these two once more for their Free to Flaunt session-  coming soon!

Q. How did he/she ask you out for your first date?
A. it was actually a joke on facebook and oddly enough she said yes.
Q. Tell us about the proposal. We want all the details!
A. i made an ice sculpture for her that had a meaningful engraving that is in italian. it was kind of something she tells herself daily. it meant “love and be loved.” then i got her family involved so it really threw her off. we flew up to cleveland to visit them and thats where the ice sculpture was. at a winter festival.
Q. Do you have a special song together?
A. “Wanted” Hunter Hayes
We’ve also put together a Spotify playlist based on some of their favorite musicians-  check it out here:  Lexi and Jon

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Alexis & Jon’s Latrobes on Royal wedding!

Jennifer and Clayton’s Rural Life Museum wedding at the Orangerie

Jennifer and Clayton were married in a Rural Life Museum wedding at the Orangerie.   It was rustic.  It was chic.  It was amazing!

Q. Tell us about the proposal. We want all the details!
A. We took a vacation in mid December, to meet his brand new nephew and to take my son to the Lego store for Christmas for a Star Wars Death Star. We were staying with my closest friend from law school. Late one night after dinner with family, Clayton and I snuck away to Central Park. It was freezing cold and I was hoping for snow the entire time. His plan was to take me ice skating. Like all good plans, they went awry. The rink was closed and there was not a single soul in the park. We did see a large rat and some other unwelcoming woodland creatures, possibly rats as well. I looked at it as an adventure, never expecting to be proposed to. I picked up sticks to throw over the bridge to test the thickness of the ice beneath Bow Bridge. He was frustrated with my inability to keep still, pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him. Immediately thereafter, he asked me if he should have been on one knee. It was the sweetest, most awkward, memorable moment of our relationship. I’m smiling goofy while I type this.
Q. Who is your Cake Artist?
A. Kristy Bellot Cakes and Sue Ruppert
Q. Who is your band ?
Q. Where did you buy your wedding dress?
Q. Who is your Florist ?
A. Christina Bovia
renaissance baton rouge

renaissance hotel baton rouge

wedding boots

Shoes for the Aisle. Boots for the dance floor.

Rural Life Museum Wedding

We love the old buildings around the Rural Life Museum

rural life wedding

The chapel at the Rural Life Museum Baton Rouge

rural life chapel

First Look

wedding candles baton rouge

Oh, we loved the candles that were placed behind the Orangerie!

Orangerie Rural Life Museum

Ceremony in front of the Orangerie

honey wedding gift

What could be sweeter than honey as a wedding gift?

orangerie05618 orangerie06820 orangerie05674 orangerie05701 orangerie07080 orangerie07056 orangerie05797 orangerie07475 orangerie07613 orangerie07590 orangerie06101 orangerie07134 orangerie07691 orangerie07686 orangerie07229 orangerie07223 orangerie07234 orangerie06678 orangerie06375 orangerie07237 orangerie07633 orangerie07244 orangerie07520 orangerie06492 orangerie06495

Jennifer and Clayton’s Rural Life Museum wedding at the Orangerie

Tessa and Brian’s beautiful pink and gold wedding in Hattiesburg, MS

Tessa and Brian celebrated their love with a pink and gold wedding in beautiful Hattiesburg, MS.  Tessa is simply a Southern Belle filled with a sweet spirit and a classy personality.  Brian is charming young man who makes friends with everyone he meets.  These two are perfect for each other!  Their wedding was simply spectacular, and it gave us a craving to shoot more Southern Mississippi weddings- we just love them!

Q. What are your wedding colors ?
A. soft pink & gold/Champagne
Q. Who is your Cake Artist?
A. Beth Robinson @ Monkey Kisses
Q. Who is your band or d.j.?
Q. Who is your Florist ?
Q. What type flowers are you including in your celebration ?
A. glads, roses, spray orchids, Bells of Ireland, hydrangeas, french tulips and other spring flowers
Q. Where will the Ceremony be held? (address)
Q. Where will the reception be held? (address)
A. The Venue at the Bakery Building (127 Buschman Street Hattiesburg, MS 39401)

Q. Who is your hair stylist?

Q. Where did you buy your wedding dress?

Q. Who is your Cake Artist? A. Beth Robinson @ Monkey Kisses

Q. Who is your band or d.j.? A. Escalade Showband

Debbie Russell Wedding Planning

Wedding Planner: Debbie Russell

Blooms Flowers Hattiesburg, MS

Blooms Florist: Hattiesburg

Blooms Florist Hattiesburg Mississippi

Q. What type flowers are you including in your celebration ? A. glads, roses, spray orchids, bells of ireland, hydraneas, french tulips and other spring flowers

Main Street Methodist Church

Main Street Methodist Church Hattiesburg, MS

Q. Where will the reception be held? A. The Venue at the Bakery Building (127 Buschman Street Hattiesburg, MS 39401)

Jennifer Heldt Hair

Jennifer Heldt, Hair

Imaginations Wedding Dresses Brookhaven, MS

Q. Where did you buy your wedding dress? A. Imaginations in Brookhaven, MS

Hattiesburg_Wedding0004 Hattiesburg_Wedding0003 Hattiesburg_Wedding0030 Hattiesburg_Wedding0012 Hattiesburg_Wedding0029 Hattiesburg_Wedding0019 Hattiesburg_Wedding0023 Hattiesburg_Wedding0007 Hattiesburg_Wedding0022 Hattiesburg_Wedding0020 Hattiesburg_Wedding0021 Hattiesburg_Wedding0011 Hattiesburg_Wedding0006 Hattiesburg_Wedding0031 Hattiesburg_Wedding0024 Hattiesburg_Wedding0014 Hattiesburg_Wedding0024 Hattiesburg_Wedding0018 Hattiesburg_Wedding0015 Hattiesburg_Wedding0040 Hattiesburg_Wedding0016 Hattiesburg_Wedding0039 Hattiesburg_Wedding0038 Hattiesburg_Wedding0037 Hattiesburg_Wedding0036 Hattiesburg_Wedding0033 The Venue, Hattiesburg, MSHattiesburg_Wedding0034 Hattiesburg_Wedding0028 Hattiesburg_Wedding0027 Hattiesburg_Wedding0026 Hattiesburg_Wedding0025 Hattiesburg_Wedding0042 Hattiesburg_Wedding0041Escalade_Showband

orangerie06797 orangerie06792


Tessa and Brian’s beautiful pink and gold wedding in Hattiesburg, MS
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