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Victoria and Joel’s Backyard Wedding with Southern Couture

Victoria and Joel’s backyard wedding with Southern Couture.

  • Q. Tell us about the proposal. We want all the details!
    A. He took me to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, then took me to the park. I absolutely love rain, and i love to be in the rain. Most people say rain makes them depressed but it makes me happy. We walked around the park together and he kept saying I thought it was supposed to rain, and we walked around in circles in the park waiting for it to start, then we laid on the deck in the rain and he turned over and told me he loved me and wanted to marry me, i thought nothing of it because he always tells me that. Then when i replied by saying I loved him too and couldn’t wait to marry him, he pulled out the ring and said “then will you marry me?” I cried, and said yes.

    We listened to a song called “Lego House” when we first met and at the beginning of the song it says, “I’m gonna pick up the pieces,
    And build a Lego house. If things go wrong we can knock it down.”

    He surprised me a few weeks after we met with a lego house and we built it together. The night he proposed he surprised me with a bigger lego house and we built it together when we got home.

  • Q. We’d love to know more about your wedding plans, especially what you’re doing to make your wedding special or unique for you. Tell us what you envision your ideal wedding to be like. We love details, so don’t by shy!
    Please keep in mind we often share our clients events to other online wedding blogs for publication. Here is your chance to tell that story .
    A. I want my wedding to be a rustic vintage dream for everyone that attends. I want everyone to enjoy themselves and i want my family to become close to my soon to be husbands family. Everyone should remember my wedding as a beautiful family function that everyone talks about for positive reasons. Ive always wanted my life to be like a movie with a happy ending, beautiful surroundings, people i love, and to be able to capture all of that in photos so i can look back and have that same feeling in ten years is one of the main reasons i chose you, another reason is simply because your work looks like it belongs in magazines, or like i just paused a movie at the perfect part. I love the emotion you capture in every picture. My wedding day will be the best day and the first day of the rest of my life. I cant wait to share my special day with all the people i love and care about, and i definitely cant wait to work with all the amazing people i’ve chosen to make my day so special.

Vendors and Venues:

Wedding Planner: Southern Couture

Florist:  Root Floral Design

Cake:  Crystal Weddings

Makeup Artist: Sara Buteaux

Rentals:  Event Rentals

Video/ Cinema:   Apercu

DJ:   Aaron Lane


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Victoria and Joel’s Backyard Wedding with Southern Couture

Adrianna and Spenser’s New Orleans wedding at Race and Religious, part two

Wedding Coordinator – Mint Julep Production

Florist – Arbor House Floral

Cake Artist –  Melissa’s Fine Pastries

Candle Decor – Arbor House Floral

race_and_religioius068514 race_and_religioius068548 race_and_religioius068843 race_and_religioius068582 race_and_religioius068806 race_and_religioius068743 race_and_religioius068876 race_and_religioius068367 race_and_religioius068431 race_and_religioius068916 race_and_religioius067947 race_and_religioius067240 race_and_religioius067479 race_and_religioius067470 race_and_religioius069951 race_and_religioius067522 race_and_religioius069877 race_and_religioius069734 race_and_religioius069722 race_and_religioius069619 race_and_religioius069419 race_and_religioius069402 race_and_religioius069390 race_and_religioius069337 race_and_religioius069299 race_and_religioius069290 race_and_religioius069215 race_and_religioius069209 race_and_religioius069205 race_and_religioius069159 race_and_religioius069133 race_and_religioius068983 race_and_religioius069895

Adrianna and Spenser’s New Orleans wedding at Race and Religious,  part two

Adrianna and Spenser’s New Orleans wedding at Race and Religious

We had such a great time celebrating with Adrianna and Spenser at their New Orleans wedding at Race and Religious.   Mint Julep Productions helped to put together an amazing wedding for these two world travelers.  Check out their story below!
Q. We’d love to know more about your wedding plans, especially what you wanted to accomplish in order  to make your wedding special or unique for you.
A. Spenser and I have been together for over five years. We first met in New Orleans in late 2007, starting dating in 2009, and lived there for two years after we graduated from Tulane University in 2011. Last year, we took a major adventure to Shenzhen, China where we taught English to high school students for a year. We just got back to the States and we’re now in full wedding planning mode!We both love the city of New Orleans and we’re excited to live in this amazing city again. We missed it. A lot. For our wedding, we’re trying to combine New Orleans sensibilities (good food, good drinks, good company, and a comfortable/accessible party atmosphere) with a hint of Asia (mostly though the floral arrangements). We traveled all over Asia during our year abroad and we’re hoping to incorporate Indonesian influences (marigold garlands, floating flowers in the pool) with China (strategic uses of bamboo in our floral centerpieces, Chinese to-go boxes with fortune cookies and Chinese money for our favors, lots of bright reds, golds, and oranges in and around the space, etc.).Our ideal wedding would be a stress-free day full of laughter and fun. Our wedding party is full of vibrant personalities and people who mean the world to the both of us, as well as the people who can make us laugh the hardest (apart from each other, of course). The day will also be very sentimental due to the fact that many people very close to us will be unable to make it. To honor those people who have passed away (Spenser’s father Steve, his cousin Kristi, both of Spenser’s maternal and paternal grandparents, my paternal grandparents, and Spenser’s uncle Rick), we’ll have 8 x 10 photographs of them on the alter table, surrounded by flowers that we’ll get married in front of. Our families are very important to us so there will also be a myriad of smaller frames around the venue with pictures of Spenser and I with our families. With all of that said, we’re expecting to have a fairly non-traditional wedding. Our good friend is our officiant, my side will have a “bride’s man” and Spenser will have a “groom’s maid”, one of my maid’s of honor will be wearing a suit, and our little dachshund, Penley, will be our ring bearer. There will be a New Orleans snoball machine instead of a groom’s cake (Spenser’s not a big fan of chocolate, but he LOVES snoballs, so we’re having snoballs), a photobooth, a sazerac and Pimm’s cup station, craft beer kegs, a Chinese hacky sack corner (it’s called jianzi, 剪子, and it’s surprisingly fun), and we’re so excited to be surrounded by all of our family and friends and have a great time. Oh, and Spenser’s absolutely fantastic. He’s hilarious, patient, brilliant, and so much fun to be around. He’s also been a huge help with wedding planning and I am eternally grateful for everything he’s done. If you’re interested in seeing what we’ve been up to over the past year, please check out our travel blog at Spenser and I worked together on every article (one of us wrote, the other edited, and I took all the pictures) and it’ll give you some idea of our adventures and our struggles abroad. This wedding, all told, will be a celebration of many things: completing our year in China, returning to America, returning to New Orleans, and celebrating our love and friendship. I can’t wait. It’s gonna be incredible. -Adrianna Province

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Wedding Coordinator Sarah Worsley from Mint Julep Productions

Florist – Arbor House Floral

Cake Artist – Melissa’s Fine Pastries

Candle Decor – Arbor House Floral



Adrianna and Spenser’s New Orleans wedding at Race and Religious

Kayla and Jerry’s wedding at the Loews of New Orleans

Kayla and Jerry’s wedding at the Loews of New Orleans.

Vendors and Venues:

Getting Ready and Reception:   Loews of New Orleans

Makeup artist:  Angela Ugulano

Hair stylist: Meghan Claverie

Wedding Dress shop:  Yvonne Lafleur

Cake Artist:  Sweet Life Bakery

Band:  Wise Guys

Florist:  Mardi Gras Productions


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Loews123750 Loews123537 Loews123781 Loews123643 Loews123655

Loews122769 Loews123719 Loews123722 Loews123953 Loews124319 Loews124521 Loews124539 Loews124563

Kayla and Jerry’s wedding at the Loews of New Orleans

Megan and Andrews Rooftop Rainbow Wedding at The Chicory

Megan and Andrew were married in a wedding at the Chicory in New Orleans.   After raining all day, Megan was still set on having her dream rooftop wedding- regardless of the weather.  Well- it worked out because as she walked down the aisle, a beautiful rainbow provided her with a majestic backdrop!  This wedding was simply magical- 


Getting Ready:   International House (Groom’s party) and Windsor Court (Bridal party).

Ceremony and Reception:   The rooftop at the Chicory  and  The Gallery at the Chicory

Wedding Planner:  Tying the Knot

Florist:  Nola Flora

Cake Artist:  La Louisianne

Band:  The Boogiemen

Wedding Dress:  Olivier Couture

Hair and Makeup:  Just Face It

Chicory_Wedding007320 Chicory_Wedding007328 Chicory_Wedding007370 Chicory_Wedding007371 Chicory_Wedding007431 Chicory_Wedding007486 Chicory_Wedding007504 stationery065353 Chicory_Wedding007519 Chicory_Wedding007701 Chicory_Wedding007713 Chicory_Wedding007831 Chicory_Wedding008061 Chicory_Wedding008077 Chicory_Wedding008139


a beautiful rainbow graced the bride as she walked down the aisle.

Chicory_Wedding008871 Chicory_Wedding008173 Chicory_Wedding008346 Chicory_Wedding008368 Chicory_Wedding008580 Chicory_Wedding008701 Chicory_Wedding008751 Chicory_Wedding008793 Chicory_Wedding008812 Chicory_Wedding008893 Chicory_Wedding008961

la_louisianne_cakes Chicory_Wedding009213 Chicory_Wedding009272 Chicory_Wedding009383 Chicory_Wedding008819 Chicory_Wedding009753 Chicory_Wedding009741 Chicory_Wedding009947 Chicory_Wedding010055 Chicory_Wedding009193 Chicory_Wedding009233 Chicory_Wedding009429 Chicory_Wedding009615 Chicory_Wedding009823 Chicory_Wedding009830 Chicory_Wedding010169 Chicory_Wedding010101 Chicory_Wedding009967 Chicory_Wedding009385 Chicory_Wedding010210 Chicory_Wedding010177 Chicory_Wedding010218 Chicory_Wedding010248

Megan and Andrews Rooftop Rainbow Wedding at The Chicory
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