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Could not have asked for a better couple to spend Valentines Day with !

Could not have asked for a better couple to spend Valentines Day with !

MaryClare and Christopher’s Rosemary Beach Wedding

Well, this was certainly a wedding for the ages.  As special as our clients are, this couple was extra special because they are very good friends of ours, and they are also the very talented duo that own Bride Film (wedding cinematographers from New Orleans).   It was an absolute pleasure to join up with another long time friend and fellow photographer, Eddie Marroquin, to document this amazing Rosemary Beach wedding.   You’ll see a few of Eddie’s pics mixed in with mine (namely anything of Chris as he was getting ready)-  but he’ll be blogging his images soon and I encourage you to check them out on his blog.  I know he captured some really amazing images as well.


I arrived in Rosemary Beach the Thursday before their wedding so that I could cover the rehearsal dinner.   Here are a few images from Thursday and Friday before the wedding.   As I mentioned, Thursday was the day for the rehearsal dinner, while Friday was set aside for a fun beach bonfire complete with smores and live music.
rosemary_beach00065 rosemary_beach00066 rosemary_beach00067 rosemary_beach00068 rosemary_beach00069 rosemary_beach00070


Saturday was all about the wedding.   Jenny from It’s a Shore Thing did such a wonderful job making sure that MaryClare and Christopher enjoyed the wedding of their dreams.

Getting Ready

rosemary_beach_wedding00016 rosemary_beach_wedding00017 rosemary_beach_wedding00018 rosemary_beach_wedding00019 rosemary_beach_wedding00020 rosemary_beach_wedding00021 rosemary_beach_wedding00022 rosemary_beach_wedding00023 rosemary_beach_wedding00024 rosemary_beach_wedding00025 rosemary_beach_wedding00026 rosemary_beach_wedding00027 rosemary_beach_wedding00028 rosemary_beach_wedding00029 rosemary_beach_wedding00030 rosemary_beach_wedding00031 rosemary_beach_wedding00032 rosemary_beach_wedding00033 rosemary_beach_wedding00034 rosemary_beach_wedding00035 rosemary_beach_wedding00036 rosemary_beach_wedding00037




rosemary_beach_wedding0001 rosemary_beach_wedding00002 rosemary_beach_wedding00003 rosemary_beach_wedding00004 rosemary_beach_wedding00005 rosemary_beach_wedding00006 rosemary_beach_wedding00007 rosemary_beach_wedding00008 rosemary_beach_wedding00009 rosemary_beach_wedding00010 rosemary_beach_wedding00011 rosemary_beach_wedding00012 rosemary_beach_wedding00015



rosemary_beach_wedding00038 rosemary_beach_wedding00039 rosemary_beach_wedding00040 rosemary_beach_wedding00041 rosemary_beach_wedding00042 rosemary_beach_wedding00043 rosemary_beach_wedding00044 rosemary_beach_wedding00045 rosemary_beach_wedding00046 rosemary_beach_wedding00047 rosemary_beach_wedding00048 rosemary_beach_wedding00049 rosemary_beach_wedding00050 rosemary_beach_wedding00051 rosemary_beach_wedding00052 rosemary_beach_wedding00053 rosemary_beach_wedding00054 rosemary_beach_wedding00055 rosemary_beach_wedding00056 rosemary_beach_wedding00057 rosemary_beach_wedding00058 rosemary_beach_wedding00059 rosemary_beach_wedding00060 rosemary_beach_wedding00061 rosemary_beach_wedding00062 rosemary_beach_wedding00063 rosemary_beach_wedding00064

Be sure to check out their wedding film by Pen Weddings.  I truly is epic, and I cried right along with Christopher.

MaryClare & Chris | RoseMary Beach, FL destination wedding film from Sarah Pendergraft on Vimeo.


MaryClare and Christopher’s Rosemary Beach Wedding
  1. Brandon O’Neal: Wow wow wow! The wedding looked so incredibly fun, and the images are absolutely stunning! Congrats my friends!! January 30, 2015 at 2:07 pm

Sofia and Joseph’s Glamorous New Orleans Wedding at Elms Mansion: Chapter 2

As promised, we’re pretty sure the images of this beautiful reception will make your heart skip a beat.  The girls at Bella Blooms, Elms Mansion, The Sweet Life Bakery, and Wink Design really made this a glamorous New Orleans wedding that won’t soon be forgotten.

After slipping into her Chic Parisien wedding dress, Sofia and her bridal party met up with Joseph, and all friends and family at St Joseph’s Church in New Orleans for a heart-felt ceremony.  St Joseph’s is rumored to have the longest aisle in the South- many brides love getting married at St Josephs just for this reason.  You can view more from the first part of Sofia and Joseph’s wedding day, including getting ready and the ceremony, an part one of their blog post:  click here to see more.

Once the ceremony was over, Sofia and Joseph traveled to The Elms Mansion where the celebration would be waiting.  After settling in for a few minutes, they were introduced as Husband and Wife in the beautiful tent set up by Wink Design and Bella Blooms.  They enjoyed their first dance as husband and wife before settling in to dine with the rest of their friends and family.  After dining- they met up at the beautiful cake created by The Sweet Life Bakery, which was hanging on it’s own pedestal suspended in a beautiful display.  The cake cutting led way to the celebration- filled with salsa, hip hop, and of course some New Orleans favorites.   But that’s not where the party ended!  Just as everyone assumed the celebrations were coming to a close, Sofia and Joseph invited everyone inside Elms Mansion for the after party where they were entertained by the amazingly talented “Felix and Fingers” from Chicago.   This was certainly a night to remember!

The team that bought this Glamorous New Orleans Wedding at Elms Mansion together:

Designers/Coordinators:  Wink Events and Design

Reception Venue:  Elms Mansion

Florist:  Bella Blooms

Makeup:  Aristocat

Cake:  The Sweet Life Bakery

Music:  DJ Hurricane,  Free Agent Brass Band,  and Felix & Fingers Dueling Pianos

Film/Video: Montoto Productions  (Be sure to click to view their amazing video of this wedding!)

Painter/ Artist:  Alex Harvie

Wedding Dress:  Chic Parisien

The Reception and Celebration:

art_deco_cake bella_blooms_candles bella_blooms_elms_mansion bella_blooms_of_new_orleans bella_blooms_wink cake_pull_nola cake_pull
dj_hurricaneelms_mansion_beignets elms_mansion_wedding_martini elms_mansion_wedding11540 elms_mansion_wedding11596 elms_mansion_wedding11619 elms_mansion_wedding12796 elms_mansion_wedding12812 elms_mansion_wedding12814 elms_mansion_wedding12844 elms_mansion_wedding12859 elms_mansion_wedding12867 elms_mansion_wedding12882 elms_mansion_wedding12884 elms_mansion_wedding12904 elms_mansion_wedding12990 elms_mansion_wedding13041 elms_mansion_wedding13044 elms_mansion_wedding13086 elms_mansion_wedding13222 elms_mansion_wedding13228 elms_mansion_wedding13337 elms_mansion_wedding13385 elms_mansion_wedding13402 elms_mansion_wedding13467 elms_mansion_wedding13471 elms_mansion_wedding13484 elms_mansion_wedding13485 elms_mansion_wedding13611 elms_mansion_wedding13619 elms_mansion_wedding13621 elms_mansion_wedding13627 elms_mansion_wedding13631 elms_mansion_wedding13701 elms_mansion_wedding13856 elms_mansion_wedding13920 elms_mansion_wedding13939 elms_mansion_wedding13941 elms_mansion_wedding13945 elms_mansion_wedding14053 elms_mansion_wedding14128 elms_mansion_wedding14200 elms_mansion_wedding14284 elms_mansion_wedding14327 elms_mansion_wedding14344 elms_mansion_wedding14510 elms_mansion_wedding14534 elms_mansion_wedding14557 elms_mansion_wedding14583 elms_mansion_wedding14620 elms_mansion_wedding14629 elms_mansion_wedding14634 elms_mansion_wedding14645 elms_mansion_wedding14715 elms_mansion_wedding14766 elms_mansion_wedding14825 elms_mansion_wedding14894 elms_mansion_wedding14925 elms_mansion_wedding14976 elms_mansion_wedding14989 elms_mansion_wedding15123 elms_mansion_wedding15129 elms_mansion_wedding15149 glamourus_wedding_new_orleans jazz_band_elms_mansion sweet_life_bakery_nola_wink sweet_life_bakery sweet_life_cake_pull sweet_life_glamour wink_design_new_orleans wink_design_nola_wedding_planners wink_design_nola wink_events_nola wink_events wink_tentalex_harveyconfetti_gun


Sofia and Joseph’s Glamorous New Orleans Wedding at Elms Mansion: Chapter 2

Sofia and Joseph’s Glamorous New Orleans Wedding: Chapter 1

Sofia and Joseph were married last month in a glamorous New Orleans wedding that left all the guests with their jaws on the floor.   The girls from Wink Design and the team from Bella Blooms, and Aristocat Beauty poured their heart and soul into this wedding to make it a dream day for Sofia and Joseph.   The Roosevelt New Orleans, St Joseph’s Church, and The Elms Mansion all provided amazing settings for this love story to unfold.   Stay tuned for some really awe-inspiring imagery from the reception, I promise this is one blog post you don’t want to miss.

Getting Ready and Ceremony:

glamorous_nola_wedding floral_purse elms_mansion_wedding12268 elms_mansion_wedding12242 elms_mansion_wedding12202 elms_mansion_wedding12200 elms_mansion_wedding12191 elms_mansion_wedding11947 glamorous_note elms_mansion_wedding11834 elms_mansion_wedding11379 elms_mansion_wedding12153 elms_mansion_wedding11364 elms_mansion_wedding12108 elms_mansion_wedding12088 elms_mansion_wedding12027 elms_mansion_wedding11272 elms_mansion_wedding11182 bella_blooms_nola bella_bloom bella_blooms_flowers_louisiana glamorous_hotel_new_orleans chic_parisien_nola elms_mansion_wedding11060 elms_mansion_wedding11946 elms_mansion_wedding11003 elms_mansion_wedding11955 elms_mansion_wedding11133 glamorous_wedding_shoes roosevelt_abstract_nola roosevelt_hotel_nola roosevelt_new_orleans roosevelt_nola_chandelier roosevelt_sign_new_orleans st_joseph The_roosevelt_hotel_nola wedding_ring_engravingaisle_st_joseph altar_st_josephs_new_orleans bella_blooms_st_joseph elms_mansion_wedding12704 elms_mansion_wedding12887 glamorous_new_orleans_wedding_kiss glamorous_nola_bride inside_st_joseph_new_orleans inside_st_josephs_new_orleans_la st_joseph_1 st_joseph_new_orleans st_joseph_nola st_josephs_bella

Sofia and Joseph’s Glamorous New Orleans Wedding: Chapter 1
  1. Heather: I'm getting married at St. Joseph's Church, and I'm absolutely in love with the lanterns you have set up down the aisle! Where did you rent them from? I'm having such trouble finding lanterns as nice as though for rent. September 26, 2015 at 5:01 pm
  2. Mark Eric Photo JournalA glamorous New Orleans Wedding at Elms Mansion: […] After slipping into her Chic Parisien wedding dress, Sofia and her bridal party met up with Joseph, and all friends and family at St Joseph’s Church in New Orleans for a heart-felt ceremony.  St Joseph’s is rumored to have the longest aisle in the South- many brides love getting married at St Josephs just for this reason.  You can view more from the first part of Sofia and Joseph’s wedding day, including getting ready and the ceremony, an part one of their blog post:  click here to see more. […] December 27, 2014 at 6:03 am

Katie and James celebrate their Elms Mansion Reception




We asked Katie what inspired her Wedding Day and Elms Mansion Reception:

For our reception, I wanted a subtle Old Hollywood feel with plenty of sparkle.  I thought that the speak easy vibe would pair nicely with all those men in their Navy dress whites.  In addition to gold accents throughout the decor, we also have the sparkle of the twinkle lights outside at the Elms Mansion.  It completes the feeling of being under the stars at a warm and elegant outdoor soiree.  

What inspired your cake and your Groom’s cake? 

Our wedding day includes some military traditions to pay tribute to our families’ and friends’ past and present service.    James was a Navy EOD Platoon Commander and served two tours in Iraq, so I wanted to honor him and his buddies as much as possible.   We are lucky enough to have handsome men in uniform escorting our guests down the aisle and a sword arch after the ceremony.  We will be reading the EOD prayer during the ceremony, and I planned a special surprise groom’s cake made to look like the coin from the mobile unit for his second tour in Iraq.  


elms_mansion076908 new orleans second line HOT_4977 HOT_5058 elms_mansion077153 st louis cathedral 2nd line elms_mansion074668 elms_mansion074632 elms_mansion070912 elms_mansion074364 la louisiane cake elms_mansion074365 kim starr wise reception elms_mansion070927 elms_mansion074680 elms_mansion074694 elms_mansion070944 elms_mansion070958 elms_mansion074721 elms_mansion076480 elms_mansion071214 la louisiane cake elms_mansion071228 elms_mansion074651 elms_mansion071264 elms_mansion071293 elms_mansion071353 elms_mansion071374 elms_mansion071416 elms_mansion070660 elms_mansion074789 elms_mansion071453 elms_mansion074647


Vendors and Venues:

Coordinator:  Tying the Knot

Video:  Bride Film

Florist:  Kim Starr Wise

Getting Ready Venue:  Hotel Monteleone

Ceremony:  St Louis Cathedral

Reception:  Elms Mansion

Cake:  La Louisiane

Officiant:Rev. Phillip G. Landry

Make Up Artist:Nicole Kelin, Blush and Bashful

Entertainment: The Maid of Honor’s brother Gene and his co-DJ Russell from R&B DJ Services LLC

Wedding Dress Designer: Inbal Dror

Bridesmaid Dresses:   Adrianna Papell

Katie and James celebrate their Elms Mansion Reception
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