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New Orleans Fashion Photography Workshop- come join us!

We just announced this workshop on our Facebook Page, it’s going to be different from any workshop we’ve ever hosted, and we can’t wait!   Join Mark Eric, Lee Lopez, and Jessica VanDerMark and Brandon O’Neal at New Orleans’ most sought after location, Race and Religious.  The workshop will be held March 9th and 10th in New Orleans.  In addition to class time to learn posing and lighting, we’ll be photographing models in high end fashion attire in order to create look books for a few local companies.  This is your chance to get published in a look book!

This workshop is limited to 15 students, so everyone will have plenty of time to work one on one with the instructors and the models.  The list is growing, but as of now we will be shooting for Grace Cooper and I Do Bridal Couture.

Your instructors will consist of some of the most recognized photographers in the South:

Mark Eric:



Lee Lopez

LEE_8783 LEE_9082 LEE_9153 LEE_9131 LEE_8804

Jessica VanDerMark

Hellianna001 Hellianna019 VanDerMark001 VanDerMark002 VanDerMark003 VanDerMark004 VanDerMark005 VanDerMark006 VanDerMark007

Brandon O’Neal  (Images coming soon)


The fee for this 2 day workshop is $900.  (However, members of the Facebook Group will receive a $100 discount- so go join our Facebook group!)    Sign up here: 

We’ll see you there!

New Orleans Fashion Photography Workshop- come join us!

Brittney & Ty’s Fabulous New Orleans Wedding ! Part 1 of 3

Brittney and Ty were married in a fabulous New Orleans wedding that certainly was certainly one for the ages.  Elyse from Tying the Knot Wedding Coordination did an amazing job as always, along with some help from many amazing vendors.

Enjoy the images from the “Getting Ready” phase of the day.  I especially love the ones of her “First Look” with her Dad,  he was so excited to see her in her beautiful dress!

Photographed with the help of our amazing associate, Amanda Causey (who also shoots for our daughter company, Sweet Lovely)

Vendors and Venues:
Wedding Planner:  Tying the Knot Wedding Coordination
Video:  Bride Film
Getting Ready:  Ritz Carlton
Ceremony and Reception:  Chicory
Flowers:  Nola Flora
Ambiance/ Candles:  Luminous Events
Band:  Mojeaux
Ceremony Musicians:  New Orleans Finest
Vintage Furniture:  Mrs. Vintage , New Orleans
Limo Service:  Bonomolo Limousines


chicory15065 chicory15120 chicory15139 chicory15166 chicory18262 chicory18362 chicory18242 Jimmy_Choo chicory18182 Jimmy_Choo_Wedding Ritz chicory15056 chicory15191 chicory15217 chicory15231 chicory15268 chicory17768 chicory16651 chicory16591 chicory15045 chicory15289 chicory15304 chicory15334 chicory15348 chicory15846 chicory15455 chicory15810 chicory15953 chicory17622 chicory17757 chicory16725 chicory18150 chicory17833 chicory17838

Brittney & Ty’s Fabulous New Orleans Wedding !  Part 1 of 3

Casey and Matt’s New Orleans Wedding … Coming Soon !

Casey and Matt’s New Orleans Wedding … Coming Soon !

From a surprise proposal at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo to a beautiful Brandon Hall Wedding- Kaylee and Parker’s love story:

Kaylee and Parker were married in a beautiful Brandon Hall plantation wedding in Natchez, MS.   Everything was absolutely stunning.

Q. How did you two meet?

A. Parker and I both went to Mississippi State University where he was a member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity and I was involved with Kappa Delta Sorority. Throughout most of college we shared the same groups of friends yet he and I were never introduced to one another. We also lived across the street from one another for an entire year and still never met. It was not until my junior year of college (his senior year) that we ended up going on the same spring break trip with all of our friends to Jamaica (SB-2009!). One night we found ourselves standing next to each other and just began talking. After that night he and I became almost inseparable and we started dating shortly upon return to school. I jokingly like to call him my “spring break lover” because of how we met.
Q. How did he/she ask you out for your first date?
A. “SO UMMM… Do you want to meet my family over Easter and go to the Death Cab concert with me?”
Q. Tell us about the proposal. We want all the details!
A. I have to brag on Parker by saying that I had the MOST ORIGINAL/ AWESOME proposal ever! My grandparents live in Mobile, Alabama and one day they called me to tell me that the Gulf Coast Zoo was bringing in two Bengal tiger cubs that people could sign up to play with. Once we were signed up I planned the whole trip there and made all of the arrangements. We got to the zoo on April 13 (Friday the 13th!…..good thing neither one of us are superstitious) and proceeded to check in with the ladies who were in charge of the tigers. We were told to go and wait outside for our turn but once we got outside Parker told me to hold on a second and went back in to were the ladies were – which should have been my first clue that something weird was going on but I thought he was just using the restroom – I was clueless. Once we were near the tiger area we could see the cubs in a small room behind a glass wall with four people in there playing with them. The zoo reserves four spots per tiger cub “encounter” so I assumed that there would be another couple that would be in the tiger area with us. Once it became time for me and Parker’s turn to play with the cubs I noticed that there were no other people coming in with us. I thought this was odd considering how the spaces filled up so quickly when we were booking our spots – yet I was still basically clueless. Once we were finally in the room with the cubs the zookeeper came and took one of them and said that he would be right back with it. I just assumed that he was taking the one out to feed him. He returned shortly after with the same cub yet a sparkly ribbon was tied around it’s neck. He walked over to me and placed the baby tiger into my lap. I wish I could say that I realized what was happening at this point but I still did not!! Parker finally turns to me and says “Kaylee why does the cub have a ribbon around his neck?” I responded with ” I don’t know maybe to make him cute.”…….. CLUELESS! Finally Parker had to grab the ring that was tied to the ribbon on the tiger and put it right in front of my eyes. I finally realized what was happening and he then asked me to marry him. My first response was “Seriously?!” due to complete shock and surprise of what was actually going on. After a second of gathering myself I started yelling out “YES! YES!” and then I cried and kissed him. The people who are watching us play with the cubs behind the glass began clapping while kids started running around screaming that “people are getting married with tigers!!!” haha. Needless to say I thought it was absolutely perfect and I could not have imagined it any other way.

Enjoy some of our favorite images from their special day: 
Brandon_Hall13656 Brandon_Hall15715 Brandon_Hall16319 Brandon_Hall15719 Brandon_Hall15724 Brandon_Hall16578 Brandon_Hall14010 Brandon_Hall16742 Brandon_Hall15829 Brandon_Hall16426 Brandon_Hall15846 Brandon_Hall16092 Brandon_Hall14786 Brandon_Hall14005 Brandon_Hall15889 Brandon_Hall16688 Brandon_Hall16708

Brandon_Hall16104 Brandon_Hall14817 Brandon_Hall15891 Brandon_Hall14861 Brandon_Hall14976 Brandon_Hall16185 Brandon_Hall15890 Brandon_Hall15137 Brandon_Hall15610 Brandon_Hall15664 Brandon_Hall15663 Brandon_Hall15692


Venue:  Brandon Hall Plantation

Cake:  Edna’s Cakes

Band:   24/7

Flowers:  Drake’s Design (Jackson, MS)

From a surprise proposal at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo to a beautiful Brandon Hall Wedding-  Kaylee and Parker’s love story:

Jamie and Greg’s Arbor Room wedding

An Arbor Room Wedding in New Orleans City Park

Jamie and Greg were married at St Francis of Assisi church before heading into New Orleans City Park to celebrate at the Arbor Room.  This wedding was certainly one big celebration, everyone had such a great time-  and the couple was just stunning!

Vendors and Venues:

Getting Ready-  The Roosevelt Hotel

Ceremony-  St Francis of Assisi

Reception- The Arbor Room

Cinematographers-  Blink Video

Cake Artist-   Haydel’s Bakery

Band-  Rewind

Florist-  Erin Steen

2nd photographer (in addition to Mark Eric)    Amanda Causey  (Amanda also shoots weddings for our daughter company, Sweet Lovely)



Roosevelt-58 Roosevelt-10 Roosevelt-32 Roosevelt-102 Roosevelt-125 Roosevelt-270 Roosevelt-275 Roosevelt-345 Roosevelt-354 Roosevelt-363 Roosevelt-484 Roosevelt-593 Roosevelt-599 Roosevelt-485 Roosevelt-639 Roosevelt-648 Roosevelt-725 Roosevelt-726 Roosevelt-776

Jamie and Greg’s Arbor Room wedding
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