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Erin and Edward, married at Southern Oaks

Erin and Edward traveled home from Connecticut to get married in Edward’s hometown of New Orleans.  It was such a perfect day for a beautiful couple to get married!  We loved working with them and can’t wait to share these images with you.

A little about Erin and Edward’s story:


  • Q. Tell us about the proposal. We want all the details! 
    A. The proposal was perfect! A couple of weeks before he told me that some of his investors were coming into town and that we were going to take them out to dinner (very typical for us.) I get dressed up and go to the restaurant and when I got there Eddie was waiting for me outside (again very typical.) I walk to the back of the restaurant and I noticed everyone sitting at the dinner table with their menus covering their faces, which I thought was very strange until I noticed my father, then my mother and sisters and a couple of friends and I immediately start crying! It took a second for everything to sink in and for me to realize what was going on. I then looked over at Eddie who had a HUGE grin on his face and he takes my hand and proceeds to make a speech about his love for me and how excited he is to spend the rest of his life with his best friend (meanwhile my face is covered in tears.) He then gets down on one knee and says “baby will you please marry me?!” I of course say yes! 

    The restaurant he chose was where we had our first Valentines Day dinner at. It’s a small restaurant owned by a sweet husband and wife couple. The food is fantastic and the ambiance is unforgettable! Everything was absolutely perfect and I still can’t believe that he pulled that off without me having the slightest idea!

Southern_oaks-6 Southern_oaks-3 Southern_oaks-175 Southern_oaks-43 Southern_oaks-55 Southern_oaks-34 Southern_oaks-16 Southern_oaks-20 Southern_oaks-68 Southern_oaks-72 Southern_oaks-107 Southern_oaks-122 Southern_oaks-105 Southern_oaks-389 Southern_oaks-432 Southern_oaks-396 Southern_oaks-210 Southern_oaks-434 Southern_oaks-438 Southern_oaks-459 Southern_oaks-494 Southern_oaks-198 Southern_oaks-279 Southern_oaks-252 Southern_oaks-275 Southern_oaks-223 Southern_oaks-212 Southern_oaks-209 Southern_oaks-183 Southern_oaks-632 Southern_oaks-704 Southern_oaks-749 Southern_oaks-230 Southern_oaks-902 Southern_oaks-861 Southern_oaks-834 Southern_oaks-593 Southern_oaks-224

Erin and Edward, married at Southern Oaks

Bethany and Matt’s Wedding Part 2

I’m really excited to bring part 2 of Bethany and Matt’s beautiful backyard wedding to the blog.  I thought I’d share a little more of their story with this post as well. Enjoy!

Q. How did you meet and how long have you been together ?
A. Matt and I went to the same school for a few years, but we really met through my brother in law, as they are best friends. Matt used to always tell my sister that he was going to marry me, before we had even had a conversation!
After my sisters wedding, which Matt and I walked in together, he persistently asked me out, to which I said no many times, because he was about to leave for the military! About 6 months later I said yes and I am so glad I did!
We have been together for 4 years!Q. Where did you go on your first date?

Q. Where did you go on your first date? 

A. We don’t remember our first official date but the first time just him and I really hung out was at a UL football game. We ended up playing kick the rock for a while and had a blast. It doesn’t take much to entertain us!
Q. Tell us about the proposal. We want all the details! 
A. It was Friday June 7th and Matt had made reservations for us at our favorite restaurant, French Press at 8:00. At 7:15 he said he decided he was going to propose that night, so we went have a fun, nice dinner and then he asked if I wanted to go get a milkshake from Indulge ( a dessert shop ). When we got there, he wanted to go walk by the lighted archway where there were fountains. All I was concerned about at that point, was getting my milkshake before the shop closed!!
So we went walk out to the archway and our song (Hold you in my arms by ray lamontagne) started playing. I was clueless and got very excited because I thought it was a coincidence that our song was playing. He stopped me and then very sweetly proposed and danced with me for the rest of the song!
Q. Favorite things to do together.
A. We absolutely love to go to music festivals and concerts. We like to go to Saints games as much as we can. We also like to try new restaurants as well as cook. Matt loves to cook and I love to eat his cooking so it works out well!
Q. Have a passion (besides your love of course) tell us about it!
A. I enjoy doing floristry work, it’s something that my mom has always done and I learned from her!
Matt has really been looking into different organizations to kind of mentor young guys that have gotten into trouble. That is something he has been wanting to do for a while.

Bethany_Matt-188 Bethany_Matt-1678 Bethany_Matt-1717

Bethany_Matt-265 Bethany_Matt-1733 Bethany_Matt-956 Bethany_Matt-941 Bethany_Matt-1580 Bethany_Matt-1576 Bethany_Matt-1588 Bethany_Matt-1589 Bethany_Matt-1695 Bethany_Matt-2336 Bethany_Matt-1702 Bethany_Matt-1722 Bethany_Matt-1723 Bethany_Matt-1754 Bethany_Matt-1766 Bethany_Matt-1774 Bethany_Matt-1782 Bethany_Matt-1781 Bethany_Matt-1790 Bethany_Matt-1814 Bethany_Matt-1977 Bethany_Matt-2360 Bethany_Matt-3079 Bethany_Matt-3836 Bethany_Matt-3480 Bethany_Matt-3637 Bethany_Matt-3655 Bethany_Matt-4079 Bethany_Matt-4008 Bethany_Matt-4226 Bethany_Matt-4281 Bethany_Matt-4154 Bethany_Matt-4288 Bethany_Matt-4357 Bethany_Matt-3239 Bethany_Matt-4417

Bethany and Matt’s Wedding Part 2

Bethany and Matt Wedding Part 1 of 2

Bethany and Matt were married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Bethany’s parent’s backyard (and by backyard, we mean they should rent it out as a resort).  Bethany’s sister happens to be the event coordinator at City Club in Lafayette, and Bethany’s Mom is a super talented artist-  so this combination helped make up a great team to bring Bethany’s dream wedding into fruition.  However, it was Bethany’s vision that really put this wedding over the top making it one of our absolute favorites of year (in terms of decor and location).  Of course, we may be bias towards her colors (which included our brand colors, Gold glitter and  baby pink).

Thanks to my friends from Berg Photography for assisting at this fabulous wedding-

  • Q. What are your wedding colors ?
    A. Baby Pink, Gold, and Navy
  • Q. Who is your Cake Artist?
    A. My Aunt Betty Landry
  • Q. Who is your band or d.j.?
    A. Saxaphone player-Bruce and DJ-Aaron Lane
  • Q. How many will there be in the wedding party ?
    A. 16. Only 7 are bridesmaids and groomsmen, rest are kids
  • Q. Do you have a wedding planner? If so, who?
    A. Hannah Trahan-sister
  • Q. Who is your Florist ?
    A. My mom-Tonia Stuart
  • Q. What type flowers are you including in your celebration ?
    A. Dahlias, mini garden roses, wheat, weeds, sticks and leaves!
  • Q. Who is your makeup artist?
  • Q. Who is your hair stylist?
    A. Cassie Wofford
  • Q. Where did you buy your wedding dress?
    A. Found it at A-nets, bought it from Mrs. Ann

Bethany_Matt-121 Bethany_Matt-123 Bethany_Matt-128 Bethany_Matt-130 Bethany_Matt-188a Bethany_Matt-260 Bethany_Matt-302 Bethany_Matt-408 Bethany_Matt-470 Bethany_Matt-498 Bethany_Matt-504 Bethany_Matt-970 Bethany_Matt-1058 Bethany_Matt-1129 Bethany_Matt-1175 Bethany_Matt-1231 Bethany_Matt-1242 Bethany_Matt-1291 Bethany_Matt-1322 Bethany_Matt-1421 Bethany_Matt-1456 Bethany_Matt-1476 Bethany_Matt-1818 Bethany_Matt-2292 Bethany_Matt-2440 Bethany_Matt-2457 Bethany_Matt-2463 Bethany_Matt-2552 Bethany_Matt-2639 Bethany_Matt-2684 Bethany_Matt-2720 Bethany_Matt-2883 Bethany_Matt-3416Bethany_Matt-419


Bethany and Matt Wedding Part 1 of 2
  1. Amy: Amazing! Love all of the pictures. January 5, 2014 at 2:53 pm
  2. Bethany Landry: So beautiful!! Thank you so much for being my photographer!!! January 4, 2014 at 6:51 pm

Christine and Dan’s Beautiful in Blue Wedding at Southern Oaks Plantation

Floral – Kim Starr Wise

Cake – Melissa’s Fine Pastries

Groom Prep – Royal Sonesta Hotel

Ceremony & Reception – Southern Oaks Plantation


NOLA06081 NOLA04489 NOLA08354 NOLA08049 NOLA05985 NOLA04388 NOLA05989 NOLA04437 NOLA04402 NOLA06587 NOLA04352 NOLA05971 NOLA08140 NOLA06036 NOLA06012 NOLA05981 NOLA06335 NOLA04795 NOLA06272 NOLA06372 NOLA06490 NOLA06375 NOLA04328 NOLA06476 NOLA06762 NOLA05322 NOLA05936 NOLA05195 NOLA04912 NOLA03837 NOLA05959 NOLA05177 NOLA05196 NOLA03836 NOLA04926 NOLA06799 NOLA05929 NOLA06791 NOLA06635 NOLA06600 NOLA04913 NOLA05551 NOLA05593 NOLA05640 NOLA05947 NOLA05948 NOLA06916 NOLA06982 NOLA07043 NOLA08387 NOLA03842 NOLA08239 NOLA04114 NOLA03973 NOLA08769 NOLA05960 NOLA05120 NOLA04222 NOLA04864



Christine and Dan’s  Beautiful in Blue Wedding at Southern Oaks Plantation

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