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A beautiful Natchez Wedding at Brandon Hall: Rachel and Hunter part 2

We hope you enjoy part 2 of a beautiful Natchez wedding at Brandon Hall featuring Rachel and Hunter-   it true was a celebration! brandon_hall103086 brandon_hall103210 brandon_hall103237 brandon_hall103262 brandon_hall103266 brandon_hall103270 brandon_hall103349 brandon_hall103351

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A beautiful Natchez Wedding at Brandon Hall:  Rachel and Hunter part 2

A beautiful Natchez wedding at Brandon Hall: Rachel and Hunter part 1

Rachel and Hunter were married in a beautiful Natchez wedding at Brandon Hall.   As a matter of fact, Rachel actually runs the place!   She was able to step back as coordinator and enjoy her special day along with Hunter.   I can’t say enough great things about Rachel-  she truly is amazing.   All of her clients love her.  All of us vendors love working with her.   She’s super talented, exceptionally organized, and she genuinely brings happiness to everyone she meets!


Congrats Rachel and Hunter-  thanks for giving me the honor of documenting your beautiful wedding.brandon_hall105576 brandon_hall102733 brandon_hall105452 brandon_hall105358 brandon_hall102755 brandon_hall102782 brandon_hall105282 brandon_hall105866 brandon_hall105448 brandon_hall105287 brandon_hall105570 brandon_hall103972 brandon_hall102808 brandon_hall102887 brandon_hall102906 brandon_hall102913 brandon_hall105659 brandon_hall105519 brandon_hall105508 brandon_hall103997 brandon_hall102919 brandon_hall103153 brandon_hall103164 brandon_hall103459 brandon_hall103463 brandon_hall103571 brandon_hall103756 brandon_hall103817 brandon_hall103963 brandon_hall105047 brandon_hall105959 brandon_hall105702

A beautiful Natchez wedding at Brandon Hall:  Rachel and Hunter part 1

Paige and Grahams wedding at Destrehan Plantation

Team Paige and Graham:

Venue:  Destrehan Plantation

Hair and Makeup:  Traci Woodard

Dress:  Town and Country

Flowers:  Iris


Band:  The Essentials


Cake:  Gambino’s Bakery





Paige and Grahams wedding at Destrehan Plantation

Ashley and Ian’s Audubon Tea Room Wedding


Ashley and Ian were married in a gorgeous Audubon Tea Room Wedding.  If you’ve never experienced a wedding at the famous Audubon Zoo, then you don’t know what you are missing.   It is certainly one of the most unique venues in the South.

Just read this proposal story,  Ian deserves major props for pulling this one off!

Q. Tell us about the proposal. We want all the details! 

A. For my birthday Ian came in town (he was living in Austin at the time) and had arranged for all of my friends to come in town without me knowing. He had two of my girlfriends come in from Austin and some college friends come in from Baton Rouge and New Orleans. One of my best friends is in Dallas and wasn’t able to come at the last minute because of car trouble, among other things, and Ian even offered to rent her a car so she would be able to make it! He coordinated having my local friends and sister and her boyfriend come out too. He made 11×17 sheets of paper with photos of us throughout our relationship together and had a friend print them out and bring them to a park he had my local friends scope out for him. They had reported that it had a gazebo, which seemed an ideal place for him to propose. The weather almost didn’t cooperate and I found out later the backup plan was a friend’s hotel room…I’m glad that Plan A worked out! Ian told me that I should get dressed to go out, but I had to be blindfolded on the way. He drove me over to the park, but I was convinced that we were going to lunch somewhere. So when I got there I insisted that I would keep my eyes shut if he promised to let me take off the blindfold (so I wouldn’t walk in the restaurant looking like an idiot!). He agreed and walked me out to the gazebo. He told me to open my eyes and I saw all of my friends sitting around the gazebo each holding pictures of us. Then I heard our song playing on someone’s iPod speakers. It was a lot to take in and this is where it gets a little fuzzy. We walked around looking at each of the pictures and then, in the middle of the gazebo, he got down on one knee. I don’t even remember what he said because I just started crying…and of course I said yes!
Team Ashley and Ian:
Makeup:  Just Face It
Cake:  Royal Cakery
Wedding Dress purchased from:  Brickhouse Bridal Houston


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Ashley and Ian’s Audubon Tea Room Wedding

Hillary and Justin celebrate their wedding at The Cannery


Q. Tell us about the proposal. We want all the details!
A. He is starting his own business (which I am SO proud of by the way) that involves buying property. It is just now starting out and he had made numerous amount of appointments all over the place. He currently is closing on 2 different cabins in Gatilinburg, TN in the mountains! Very gorgeous (one of the first family vacations I went on with his family). The weekend right before Issac hit (Aug.24th) He had plans to go look at property in Destin, FL. He asked me if I would want to go with him. Any opportunity to escape for weekend and lay on the beach with a good book? I am there! He said his mom and best friend, Brad would be coming with us. Well, last minute they both couldn’t come. Clueless- I thought nothing of it. (I always knew we would get married some day…he just told me it wouldn’t be for a long time… till he is settled in his business). 

First night in Destin we were in a hurry to make it to dinner (he had to swing by Ocean Springs, MS to pick me up because that is currently where my job is located)… He kept rushing me to shower and do my hair and make up fast… (we bicker a lot… its our style haha). I kept ignoring him banging on the bathroom door during my shower and took my time. Little did I know he wanted me out on the balcony to propose at sunset ! WHOOPS! … Feeling discouraged the rest of the night, he didn’t find the right time to ask me. 

He set his alarm super early so we could catch the sunrise……WELL #1 I am not a morning person #2 we drank a ridiculous amount of wine at dinner the night before. As soon as that alarm went off and he asked me to get up- I told him he was CRAZY if he thought I was getting up so early on a Saturday. 

FINALLY we are both awake… now starving & hungover. He was sitting out on balcony with the ring in his pocket and kept begging me to come look how pretty the beach was. Whereas I…. am saying “let’s just go to waffle house, the beach will still be there when we get back” (being a bit whiny might I add) I decided to give in and go sit outside on his lap and look at the beach…. he asked me to “stand up and close my eyes” the rest was a bit fuzzy because I have never been more in shock in my life… and he got on one knee (shaking and nervous) and asked me to marry him. Not sure I have ever had the emotions to smile, laugh, and cry all at the same time. AMAZING! Engaged at 8am August 25th… Started to call all of my friends and no one would answer because it was too early on a Saturday! haha

Team Hillary and Justin:
Cake:  Swiss
Band:  Groovy 7
Ceremony:  Holy Name of Jesus
Reception:  The Cannery
Hair:  Karlie Lacoste
Makeup:  Bridget Cortes
Dress by:  Yvonne Lafluer
Groovy 7

Groovy 7 brings the party!

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Hillary and Justin celebrate their wedding at The Cannery
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