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Megan and Andrews Rooftop Rainbow Wedding at The Chicory

Megan and Andrew were married in a wedding at the Chicory in New Orleans.   After raining all day, Megan was still set on having her dream rooftop wedding- regardless of the weather.  Well- it worked out because as she walked down the aisle, a beautiful rainbow provided her with a majestic backdrop!  This wedding was simply magical- 


Getting Ready:   International House (Groom’s party) and Windsor Court (Bridal party).

Ceremony and Reception:   The rooftop at the Chicory  and  The Gallery at the Chicory

Wedding Planner:  Tying the Knot

Florist:  Nola Flora

Cake Artist:  La Louisianne

Band:  The Boogiemen

Wedding Dress:  Olivier Couture

Hair and Makeup:  Just Face It

Chicory_Wedding007320 Chicory_Wedding007328 Chicory_Wedding007370 Chicory_Wedding007371 Chicory_Wedding007431 Chicory_Wedding007486 Chicory_Wedding007504 stationery065353 Chicory_Wedding007519 Chicory_Wedding007701 Chicory_Wedding007713 Chicory_Wedding007831 Chicory_Wedding008061 Chicory_Wedding008077 Chicory_Wedding008139


a beautiful rainbow graced the bride as she walked down the aisle.

Chicory_Wedding008871 Chicory_Wedding008173 Chicory_Wedding008346 Chicory_Wedding008368 Chicory_Wedding008580 Chicory_Wedding008701 Chicory_Wedding008751 Chicory_Wedding008793 Chicory_Wedding008812 Chicory_Wedding008893 Chicory_Wedding008961

la_louisianne_cakes Chicory_Wedding009213 Chicory_Wedding009272 Chicory_Wedding009383 Chicory_Wedding008819 Chicory_Wedding009753 Chicory_Wedding009741 Chicory_Wedding009947 Chicory_Wedding010055 Chicory_Wedding009193 Chicory_Wedding009233 Chicory_Wedding009429 Chicory_Wedding009615 Chicory_Wedding009823 Chicory_Wedding009830 Chicory_Wedding010169 Chicory_Wedding010101 Chicory_Wedding009967 Chicory_Wedding009385 Chicory_Wedding010210 Chicory_Wedding010177 Chicory_Wedding010218 Chicory_Wedding010248

Megan and Andrews Rooftop Rainbow Wedding at The Chicory

Carli and Josh’s Arbor Room Wedding at New Orleans City Park


Carli and Josh’s Arbor Room wedding at New Orleans City Park was absolutely beautiful.   This was a party crowd!   Just wait until you see part two!

We had a few things we really wanted to come across to our guests on our wedding day. We had almost half of our guests coming from out of town, so of course, it was important for us to really show off New Orleans and all of it’s charm. It was nice to do the second line through the french quarter before our rehearsal dinner and have our guests stay at a historical hotel in the French Quarter, but also show them beautiful areas of the city they may not have seen, like City Park. We also really wanted the wedding to look like a representation of the two of us, which I think it really did. Josh’s style is more traditional, while mine is more playful and all over the place. I loved that we both chose a sort of old hollywood red carpet feel for the tux and gown- it definitely suits us well and tied in the contrast between the vintage/traditional look and colorful boho vibe we had throughout the wedding. The flowers were the most important thing for me- and our florist, Destiny of Poppy & Mint, took one picture of a wildflower themed wedding bouquet that I had given her and made the centerpieces, bouquets and decorations of my dreams. I didn’t have a color scheme in mind, I really just wanted beautiful, organic flowers, similar to those you could find at a farmer’s market. I just love the contrast between the bright colorful bouquets and the bridesmaids neutral and elegant gowns. I love that everyone was able to chose their own gowns that suited them well, but they all came together so well .

What inspired your style for the wedding day ?  We wanted the wedding to look like a representation of the two of us, not just an insert bride and groom here type of wedding. We also really wanted to play into the beautiful natural surroundings of our venue in City Park. I love the old Hollywood glam look which inspired my dress and hair style. For the flowers and decor, we kind of went for an elegant bohemian vibe, without overdoing either one. At the end of the night we were on such a high that we ran straight through the bubble exit and right into the fountain . I’m still not sure exactly what compelled us to jump in with all of our wedding attire , but it was the perfect culmination of the most amazing night .

Coordinator:  Gala Productions

Flowers:  Poppy and Mint

Cake Artist:  Swiss Confectionery

Officiant:  Rabbi Robert Loewy

Makeup:  Flawless Bride

Rentals:  Event Rentals

Band:  Mojeaux band

Bridal Gown:  Vera Wang



Vera Wang New Orleans

Carli’s Vera Wang was just stunning

Poppy and Mint

Poppy and Mint does beautiful work

Poppy and Mint

Poppy and Mint New Orleans


Swiss Confectionery did a wonderful job on the cakes!

arbor_room107678 arbor_room107663 arbor_room107772 Poppy and Mint New Orleans Poppy and Mint in New Orleans arbor_room107742 arbor_room106629 arbor_room106645 arbor_room106670 Poppy and Mint New Orleans bouquet arbor_room106719 arbor_room106731 arbor_room107124 arbor_room107708 arbor_room107693 arbor_room107130 Popps Fountain wedding Popps Fountain Wedding arbor_room106627 arbor_room106640 arbor_room107348 arbor_room107634 arbor_room107430 arbor_room107504 arbor_room107578 arbor_room107585 arbor_room107690 arbor_room107697 arbor_room108253 arbor_room106954 arbor_room108378 arbor_room108428 arbor_room108570 arbor_room108980 arbor_room106928 arbor_room109088

Carli and Josh’s Arbor Room Wedding at New Orleans City Park

A beautiful Natchez Wedding at Brandon Hall: Rachel and Hunter part 2

We hope you enjoy part 2 of a beautiful Natchez wedding at Brandon Hall featuring Rachel and Hunter-   it true was a celebration! brandon_hall103086 brandon_hall103210 brandon_hall103237 brandon_hall103262 brandon_hall103266 brandon_hall103270 brandon_hall103349 brandon_hall103351

brandon_hall103989 brandon_hall103449 brandon_hall103692 brandon_hall103729 brandon_hall103822 brandon_hall103852 brandon_hall103962 brandon_hall103975 brandon_hall104012 rockin dopsie wedding brandon_hall104291 brandon_hall104442 brandon_hall104535 brandon_hall104699 brandon_hall104700 brandon_hall104755 brandon_hall104768 brandon_hall104976 brandon_hall105017 brandon_hall105098 brandon_hall105230

A beautiful Natchez Wedding at Brandon Hall:  Rachel and Hunter part 2

A beautiful Natchez wedding at Brandon Hall: Rachel and Hunter part 1

Rachel and Hunter were married in a beautiful Natchez wedding at Brandon Hall.   As a matter of fact, Rachel actually runs the place!   She was able to step back as coordinator and enjoy her special day along with Hunter.   I can’t say enough great things about Rachel-  she truly is amazing.   All of her clients love her.  All of us vendors love working with her.   She’s super talented, exceptionally organized, and she genuinely brings happiness to everyone she meets!


Congrats Rachel and Hunter-  thanks for giving me the honor of documenting your beautiful wedding.brandon_hall105576 brandon_hall102733 brandon_hall105452 brandon_hall105358 brandon_hall102755 brandon_hall102782 brandon_hall105282 brandon_hall105866 brandon_hall105448 brandon_hall105287 brandon_hall105570 brandon_hall103972 brandon_hall102808 brandon_hall102887 brandon_hall102906 brandon_hall102913 brandon_hall105659 brandon_hall105519 brandon_hall105508 brandon_hall103997 brandon_hall102919 brandon_hall103153 brandon_hall103164 brandon_hall103459 brandon_hall103463 brandon_hall103571 brandon_hall103756 brandon_hall103817 brandon_hall103963 brandon_hall105047 brandon_hall105959 brandon_hall105702

A beautiful Natchez wedding at Brandon Hall:  Rachel and Hunter part 1

Paige and Grahams wedding at Destrehan Plantation

Team Paige and Graham:

Venue:  Destrehan Plantation

Hair and Makeup:  Traci Woodard

Dress:  Town and Country

Flowers:  Iris


Band:  The Essentials


Cake:  Gambino’s Bakery





Paige and Grahams wedding at Destrehan Plantation
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