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Megan and Marc’s Immaculate Conception Wedding in New Orleans Part 1

 Tell us how you met:  (Megan) We met at a bar – Monkey Hill to be exact. I was out with a friend, and he was out with a friend. It just so happened that his friend was a friend of mine from high school. The rest is history.
Well, actually I called him “Jerry” for most of the night, and his name definitely is not Jerry.


Tell us about the proposal. We want all the details!  (Megan) Well, I was proposed to under the impression that I was getting dessert. I went over to Marc’s house after work on a Thursday night. He had just finished working out, and I was tired, so we decided to order a pizza. I was sitting on the sofa (and didn’t notice him pacing back and forth behind me) when he told me that he has a gift for me in the fridge. Now, because Marc knows of my love for desserts, he sometimes would tell me that he had a gift for me in the fridge, and it would be my favorite ice cream. So, him telling me that “he had a gift for me in the fridge” wasn’t out of the ordinary. Naturally, I popped up off the sofa and skipped toward the fridge – I thought for sure he had picked up Chantilly cake from Whole Foods. Well, when I opened the fridge, there was an Aucoin Hart box on the top shelf. He got down on one knee, said some really thoughtful things, and proposed. Needless to say, I never got my Chantilly cake.


 Venues and Vendors:

Wedding Planner: Tying the Knot

Film:  Palmer Productions

Getting Ready and Reception:  Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans

Wedding Ceremony:  Immaculate Conception New Orleans

Florist:  St Rose Floral

Band:  Bucktown Allstars

Dress:  Vera Wang



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immaculate conception DSC_7880 immaculate conception wedding AA4U8792 DSC_8321 DSC_8327 Roosevelt New Orleans wedding reception


Megan and Marc’s Immaculate Conception Wedding in New Orleans Part 1

Natassha and Ricardo’s Race and Religious Wedding

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Natassha and Ricardo’s Race and Religious Wedding

Amy and Bailey Know How To Celebrate On Thier Big Day !

How they met:

A. I remember the first time I saw Amy was in the halls of St. Thomas More Catholic High School. I thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. After gathering my courage, I spoke to Amy (a cheerleader) at an STM football game in September 2003. I caught her running to the bathroom holding the side of her face. I believe my words were, “Hey, I saw that girl fall on you! Are you okay?” I took her on our first date in October 2003. We got Chick-Fil-A to go and ate it as a pic-nic by a lake. Our high school fling became more serious as she followed me to Baton Rouge to attend LSU. It was during our years in college that I knew I would one day marry her. Not only was she gorgeous, she shared similar professional aspirations and family ideals. Or maybe it was from our spontaneous dance parties, her love for fishing in Toledo Bend and Grand Isle, or her inability to take life too seriously. Over 9 years after our first date, I proposed to Amy under an oak tree overlooking the water at Rip Van Winkle Gardens in New Iberia, LA. Both of our families were hiding and taking pictures for the surprise. By the time we say ‘I Do’, we will have been together for over a decade. It’s more than a wedding ceremony; it’ll be an anniversary party celebrating the past and future with the love of my life, my best friend, and my partner in crime.



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Wedding Vendors and Venues (Lafayette, LA)

Ceremony: Asbury United Methodist Church

Reception: The Petroleum Club, Lafayette

Flowers: Jim Morvant

Band: Bucktown Allstars

Hair and Makeup: Sara Buteaux

Amy and Bailey Know How To Celebrate On Thier Big Day !

Rachel & Tim

Rachel and Tim’s Proposal Story:

Rachel’s favorite time of the year is Christmas. She loves the whole celebration and spirit of the season. Knowing this, I decided that the proposal would be in December when the City was fully decorated.  There are so many beautifully venues in New Orleans but I ultimately decided on the Bontanical Gardens and Christmas in the Oaks. The night was perfect.  We walked from our place in Midcity to the Gardens and strolled around a bit as I tried to find the perfect spot.  Because it was such a nice night near Christmas, it was pretty crowded when we arrived.  It was actually much more crowded than I anticipated and it made me a little more nervous than I already was.  Fortunately, I directed us to a spot, took her hand, looked her in the eyes and told her that she was the best thing that has ever happened to me and that I wanted to spend my life with her.  Then I dropped to one knee and asked if she would marry me.  She said yes! People around us stopped and congratulated us.  We planned to go to Ralph’s for dinner after but Rachel didn’t know that I had called our closest family and friends to meet us.  Upon arrival  everyone was there to share the night with us!  I couldn’t have imagined it happening anymore perfect.   

Vendors and Venues:

Rehearsal Dinner:  Muriel’s 

Getting Ready: Roosevelt New Orleans

Ceremony: Immaculate Conception Church

Reception:  Latrobes on Royal

Hair and Makeup:  Paris Parker

Wedding Dress:  Nicole Miller

Cake Artist: Melissa’s Fine Pastries

DJ: Big Sam

Florist: Meade Winsle

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Rachel & Tim

Kayla and Jordan’s Fab New Orleans Wedding Part 2


Venues and Vendors:

Getting Ready:  Hyatt Regency New Orleans

Ceremony:  St Joseph’s New Orleans

Reception:  Hyatt Regency New Orleans

Cake:  Cocoa Bean

Band:  Mojeaux

Flowers:  Bella Blooms

Makeup:  Ashley Sievert

Hair:   H20 Salon and Spa

Dress:  Olivier Couture


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Kayla and Jordan’s Fab New Orleans Wedding Part 2
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