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Lori and Ryan’s Beauty of a Southern Wedding Part 1 of 2

So thrilled to be able to share this stunner of a wedding with you all .  Everything about this day was spectacular .  Such a joy !
We love reading all of the great stories of how our couples started their journey’s together and we love sharing them .  Here is the scoop on Lori and Ryan
Tell us about the proposal. We want all the details!

Ryan and Lori had just arrived in Bluffton, South Carolina, to visit his dad and step-mom’s new home. The proposal went a little something like this:
Ryan: Wanna go check out the backyard with me?
Lori: Sure, let’s bring Squeaky (our chihuahua).
Ryan: No, let’s not.
Lori: Why would we not bring Squeaky?
Ryan: Um, he might run away and get lost.
So they went out into the large backyard, and afer a few minutes, Squeaky came bounding toward them with a neon green bow on his neck.
Lori: Oh that’s so smart! They put a bow on him so we could see him if he runs away! Ryan, what are you doing? Don’t take off the bow. Stop it. What are you doing? We won’t be able to see him…
Then Lori saw that her great-great grandmother’s ring was tied onto the bow, and Ryan dropped down on one knee and proposed. Fortunately for them, his family, brother and sister-in-law were inside taking photos and ready to celebrate with champagne.

Cake – Royal Cakery

Florals – Bee’s

Planner – Tying the Know Wedding Coordination

Band – Rockin Dopsie Jr

Venue – Houmas House

MUA – Kiss and Makeup

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Lori and Ryan’s Beauty of a Southern Wedding  Part 1 of 2

Angelle and Jason’s NOLA Beauty of a Wedding


 Tell us about the proposal. We want all the details!

Jason proposed to me on his birthday- November 24, 2012. The night before our proposal Jason suggested that we bring Kai (our dog) to Audubon Park. That morning while I was getting ready, Jason told me Shawn (Jason’s twin brother) and Sherry (Shawn’s wife) is going come with us and bring their dog, Riley. On the way to Audubon we stopped at Jimmy John’s and picked up some sandwiches to eat at the park. Once we arrived, Jason picked out a spot for us to eat by the water. After we were finished eating, Jason went to walk by the water with Kai. Jason told me Kai had something in his mouth and he can’t get it out, so I went by Jason to see what Kai had. After bending over trying to find what Kai had in his mouth, I stood up to ask Jason what he was talking about because Kai didn’t have anything in his month and when I looked at Jason, he was on one knee, holding my ring, and asked me to marry him. After standing there for a few minutes in disbelief I said YES. Shawn and Sherry were in on the whole thing and knew everything. They also took pictures and videoed our entire proposal.

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Angelle and Jason’s NOLA Beauty of a Wedding

Adrian & Josh’s Wedding Love Story

Tell us about the proposal. We want all the details!.

So Josh originally had been planning to propose in the Spring of 2013, but Christmas was right around the corner and decided he wanted to go with the *shock factor*. So he picked out the PERFECT ring just in time, right before Christmas Eve.

So then from my perspective…..
Christmas Eve is finally here without me having a single clue this would be THE DAY. We drove up to Baton Rouge (where I’m from) and did the family thing all day. We decided to go to 4:00 mass and then head to our last party for the night. I was so excited b/c we were FINALLY going to be on time if not really early for this party (b/c we never get anywhere on time). Then, his brother, Chuck, calls him. “Hey, since you’re in Baton Rouge, will you do us a huge favor? Get a picture of PePa’s (grandfather) tree out by LSU b/c we are making him an album for Christmas tomorrow. (his grandfather was on the board of supervisors and a tree was dedicated in his name)  Now of course I was REALLY mad, but I didn’t want to be the mean girlfriend who didn’t get the picture for their grandfather. So we went…  The tree happened to be in the EXACT same field/location of “Our Spot”, and i’m taking all kinds of pictures trying to make it look awesome, while Josh internally starts to get really nervous.  He says “take a video of me kneeling by his plaque wishing him a Merry Christmas” and so i did, but telling him it was too dark, and wasn’t looking good. (This was his original plan to propose, getting it on camera, but then he got too nervous and chickened out on that part)   So as I finish taking pictures of everything I turn around to see Josh on one knee with a closed box. I am pretty much yelling “are you serious? omg omg” typical things i feel like. and he finally opens the box and I immediately start crying. I dont’ think i saw what the ring looked like for a good 5 minutes b/c of all the tears of joy! So he said his thing, and somehow i remember all of it, and eventually stopped crying to see what a gorgeous ring he had picked out! He had no help and did it by himself!!! I was so impressed!  Afterwards, we went to celebrate with my family, but I couldn’t say anything until Christmas morning AFTER we announced it to his entire family in New Orleans…. can I tell you that was the worst thing he ever asked me to do! but it was all worth it!!


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Adrian & Josh’s Wedding Love Story

Samantha and Daniel’s Hermann-Grima House wedding: Part 2

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Samantha and Daniel’s Hermann-Grima House wedding: Part 2

Samantha and Dan’s wedding at the Hermann-Grima House Part 1


Samantha and Daniel were married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the historic Hermann-Grima House in New Orleans.  They traveled from Pennsylvania with their family and friends to get married in a city they love!  We absolutely fell in love with their style and their personalities.   Cheers!


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Samantha and Dan’s wedding at the Hermann-Grima House Part 1
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