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Michelle and Joe celebrate an Audubon Tea Room Wedding

Michelle and Joe’s Audubon Tea RoomWedding:

Michelle and Joe were married it stunning New Orleans style. Michelle and her girls started the day at the Ritz Carlton New Orleans.  They were married in a beautiful ceremony which included a traditional Latin Lasso Ceremony at Trinity Episcopal church in New Orleans.  From there, everyone enjoyed the short trip to the famed Audubon Tea Room for the reception and celebration.   Unique Weddings did a wonderful job coordinating the day, everything was just beautiful!

More about Michelle and Joe:

Q. How did he/she ask you out for your first date?

A. He called and asked if I liked frozen yogurt

Q. Where did you go on your first date?

A. Menchie’s Yogurt, then walked around LSU’s campus where we climbed a tree and talked for hours.

Q. Tell us about the proposal. 

A. Joe was in North Carolina for a military mission and I joined him the second week he was there. He waited until sunset and we walked along the beach and he asked me to marry him underneath a pier. It was very romantic!


Audubon_Tea_Room1112 Audubon_Tea_Room0963 Audubon_Tea_Room0969 Audubon_Tea_Room0967 Audubon_Tea_Room0980 Audubon_Tea_Room0995 Audubon_Tea_Room0998 Audubon_Tea_Room1023 Audubon_Tea_Room1029 Audubon_Tea_Room1055 Audubon_Tea_Room1061 Audubon_Tea_Room1075 Audubon_Tea_Room1090 Audubon_Tea_Room1104 Audubon_Tea_Room1117 Audubon_Tea_Room1124 Audubon_Tea_Room1171 Audubon_Tea_Room1173 Audubon_Tea_Room1213 Audubon_Tea_Room1217 Audubon_Tea_Room1256 Audubon_Tea_Room1259 Audubon_Tea_Room1282 Audubon_Tea_Room1369 Audubon_Tea_Room1486 Audubon_Tea_Room1499 Audubon_Tea_Room1513 Audubon_Tea_Room1514 Audubon_Tea_Room1519 Audubon_Tea_Room1522 Audubon_Tea_Room1543 Audubon_Tea_Room1573 Audubon_Tea_Room1757 Audubon_Tea_Room1802 Audubon_Tea_Room1622 Audubon_Tea_Room1804 Audubon_Tea_Room1808 Audubon_Tea_Room1811 Audubon_Tea_Room1822 Audubon_Tea_Room1823 Audubon_Tea_Room1825 Audubon_Tea_Room1831 Audubon_Tea_Room1841

Vendors and Venues:

Wedding Coordinator:   Unique Weddings

Wedding Dress: Wedding Belles & The Stationer

Flowers:  Bella Blooms

Cinematographer:   Bride Film

Cake Artist:  Nikki’s Frosted Fantasies

DJ:   Decade’s Music

Getting Ready:   The Ritz Carlton- New Orleans

Ceremony:  Trinity Episcopal

Reception:  Audubon Tea Room

2nd photographer (in addition to Mark Eric):  Eddie Marroquin  


Michelle and Joe celebrate an Audubon Tea Room Wedding

Carly and Aaron’s Brown Estate wedding

Carly and Aaron were married at the beautiful Brown Estate in Orange, Texas.  It was a gorgeous day with a gorgeous bride at a gorgeous location!

Details about these two lovebirds:

Q. Where did you go on your first date?

A. Toby Keith concert in Houston

Q. Tell us about the proposal. We want all the details!
Q. What is your favorite restaurant to go to together?

A. Carmela’s Mexican Restaurant

A. Aaron proposed to me on July 27, 2012. On this same day, we also closed on our first home. When I got off work that Friday July 27th, Aaron had told me we would not get keys to the house until Monday. I was bummed. I was living with my best friend at this time. When I got to her house, she handed me an envelope and told me it was from Aaron. I opened the envelope and found a “clue” inside. It said that Aaron had his key but I would have to hunt for the clues to find mine. My best friend grabbed the video camera and we were off on a video scavenger hunt to find the key to my house, or so I thought. Aaron sent me all over our town hunting for the clues. To get one clue, I had to walk into a State Farm agency and do the Aaron Rodger’s discount double check and yes we have this all on tape! Finally I arrived to the last clue which had the house key in the envelope. I arrived to the house and found that Aaron was inside waiting on me. I was looking around the house getting excited that we were finally in our own home. I noticed Aaron looked nervous and then saw that my best friend still had the camera rolling. That was when I realized what was going on. Aaron got down on one knee in our living room and proposed. We still laugh and cry each time we watch that video.

Q. What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing together?

A. We both love to travel and go on vacations to places we have never been. I am scuba certified and Aaron plans on getting his scuba certification so we can do dives on our honeymoon. Most of the time, we just enjoy hanging out with each other and with our friends.




Texas_Wedding-1 Texas_Wedding-18 Texas_Wedding-29 Texas_Wedding-30 Texas_Wedding-34 Texas_Wedding-36 Texas_Wedding-39 Texas_Wedding-46 Texas_Wedding-411 Texas_Wedding-81 Texas_Wedding-92 Texas_Wedding-113 Texas_Wedding-138 Texas_Wedding-143 Texas_Wedding-170 Texas_Wedding-194 Texas_Wedding-205 Texas_Wedding-234 Texas_Wedding-254 Texas_Wedding-267 Texas_Wedding-288 Texas_Wedding-417 Texas_Wedding-422 Texas_Wedding-545 Texas_Wedding-584 Texas_Wedding-616 Texas_Wedding-623 Texas_Wedding-625 Texas_Wedding-777 Texas_Wedding-788 Texas_Wedding-789 Texas_Wedding-916 Texas_Wedding-1042 Texas_Wedding-1043 Texas_Wedding-1057


Details about the wedding:

Colors: Dark purple with teal accents

Ceremony and Reception-  Brown Estate

Cake Artist:  Jackie Mullins

DJ:  Paul Uresti

Florist:  Jeffery Goodman  (Live Orchids, Hydrangeas, Lilies)

2nd photographer (in addition to Mark Eric) Lee Lopez  (Lee also shoots weddings for our daughter company, Sweet Lovely)

Carly and Aaron’s Brown Estate wedding
  1. chris: beautiful as always, but this last shot is spectacular. September 11, 2013 at 10:45 pm

Julie and Ryan’s Melady House Wedding

Julie and Ryan were married in a beautiful Melady House wedding in Alexandria, Louisiana.
Shot by our associate, Amanda Causey.  Amanda is now a lead photographer for our daughter company, Sweet Lovely.

Vendors and Venues:

Planner:  Allie Martin

Getting Ready (groom):  Parc England Hotel

Church:  Calvary Baptist Church

Reception Venue:  Melady House

Cake:    The Cake Barn

DJ:       Rod Baronet

Florist:  Lauren Darr

IMG_5578 IMG_5566 IMG_5403 IMG_5316 IMG_5315 IMG_5262 IMG_5226 IMG_5224 IMG_5220 IMG_5208 IMG_5160 IMG_5155 IMG_5154 IMG_5150 DSC_3077 DSC_3302 DSC_3356 DSC_3371 DSC_3523 DSC_3037 copy DSC_2306 DSC_2343 DSC_3679 DSC_3681 DSC_2402 DSC_2420 IMG_4490 IMG_4698 DSC_2427 DSC_2467 IMG_4793 IMG_4904 DSC_2987 DSC_2989 IMG_5135 IMG_5140 DSC_3004 DSC_3017 IMG_5146







Julie and Ryan’s Melady House Wedding
  1. Kamah: This post is making me miss my hmcaomk that used to hang on the porch. Funny thing I actually think it was made in mexico. It sits in our shed now since a summer ago when my husband and I went canoeing for a few days and came back to find one of the support for the porch greatly displaced where the hmcaomk was hung. We questioned the older children that had been home and only were told that they tried to see how many young people they could fit in the hmcaomk one evening . The true number remains a mystery. For fear of collapsing the roof of our wrap around porch we proceeded to remove the hmcaomk. I might just set it up on some good solid trees next to the house. Have a wonderful break . May 2, 2014 at 10:16 pm

Lauren and Rudy’s Loyd Hall Wedding

Lauren and Rudy had a beautiful Loyd Hall wedding in central Louisiana. They celebrated with friends and family at the beautiful rural plantation home.   How did he ask her out?   He asked if she wanted to meet his Grandparents, because he knew that she was the one for him! Be sure to read more about their story beneath the images. Enjoy!

Loyd_Hall-4 Loyd_Hall-579 Loyd_Hall-1104 Loyd_Hall-194 Loyd_Hall-785 Loyd_Hall-725 Loyd_Hall-286 Loyd_Hall-1255 Loyd_Hall-225 Loyd_Hall-152 Loyd_Hall-1019 Loyd_Hall-790 Loyd_Hall-1450 Loyd_Hall-303 Loyd_Hall-300 Loyd_Hall-110 Loyd_Hall-297 Loyd_Hall-75 Loyd_Hall-46 Loyd_Hall-51 Loyd_Hall-2436 Loyd_Hall-2494

Q. How did you two meet?

A. We were both single and were not looking for a relationship at all! One Saturday night I went out with a few of my friends. And apparently he did too. The moment I set eyes on Rudy, I thought to myself “I HAVE to have him!” haha. I didn’t even know him and something about Rudy drew me to him. Well as the night went on I would catch him starring at me and he would catch me as well. Finally, I approached him (I was impatient ha) and started talking to him. We eventually made it to the dance floor and danced ALL night long! Since that night we have been inseparable!

Q. How did he/she ask you out for your first date?

A. He asked me if I wanted to meet his grandparents! (i know…I was thinking “ummm thats kinda soon” But I went with it…… He tells me now that he knew I was the one that’s why he brought me to meet his grandparents so soon.


Q. Tell us about the proposal. We want all the details!

A. We went on a vacation with his family to the Florida keys. The second night we stayed there, some of us went to eat dinner. When we came back to our condo the rest of the family were out by the pool. So Rudy and I went to change into our swimsuits. We came down by the pool and Rudy says to me “lets go by that spot you like and lay on the hammock because my stomach hurts” (he kept complaining he ate too much). We then went down by the ocean with two palm trees holding the hammock. I get on it and I said, “come on, get in”. We had brought a bottle of wine…mainly for me because he doesn’t drink wine. While he was standing over me he takes a huge gulp of wine! I was thinking, “oh goodness! That’s odd!” He got in the hammock with me. He wasn’t being himself. He was nervous and stuttering. He kept asking me, “Do you love me?” I was starting to get concerned! At one point, I thought he was about to break up with me! He then gets out of the hammock, I asked him if he was ok. He gets down on one knee and says, “I love you with all my heart, will you marry me?” The first thing that cam out of my mouth was “SHUT UP!” (i know..not the best first response…but I was so shocked!) After that horrible response I said “YES!! A million times yes!!!” It was perfect!

Q. Do you have a special song together?

A. When you got a good thing – by Lady Antebellum


Lauren and Rudy’s Loyd Hall Wedding
  1. Shonna: Love the way he proposed. I laughed OUT loud AND had tears in my eyes at the same time! The pictures are beautiful!! Mark does such wonderful work. Hope you have a wonderful journey together. God bless! September 3, 2013 at 12:20 pm

Corrine and Adam’s wedding at The Academy of the Sacred Heart

Corrine and Adam were married in a beautiful wedding at The Academy of the Sacred Heart located in the gorgeous garden district of New Orleans.    She is a NICU nurse who works with premature infants.  She loves to watch them grow and get well with the help of her team.  One of her sweet “kids” was all dressed up at the wedding, it was very special indeed!  This couple has a huge heart, and it’s obvious they were made for each other.  Read more about their story and their vendors at the bottom of the post:  enjoy:

edwards-3475 edwards-2138 edwards-2009 edwards-1901 edwards-1731 edwards-1730 edwards-1729 edwards-1725 edwards-1648 edwards-1646 edwards-1626 edwards-1504 edwards-1548 edwards-1495 edwards-1128 edwards-1488 edwards-0007 edwards-1576 edwards-0052


edwards-2659 edwards-2490 edwards-0186 edwards-0218 edwards-0156 edwards-0125

edwards-3377 edwards-3351 edwards-3280 edwards-2957 edwards-2904 edwards-2884 edwards-2857 edwards-1052 edwards-0870 edwards-0264 edwards-0293 edwards-0290 edwards-0231

How Adam proposed: 

 We were going to La Pavillon for lunch with both of our parents. He was going to take a half a day off of work and meet us there. He got dressed and kissed me good bye. I fell back asleep, he woke me with fresh coffee and told me he had a surprise for me. He told me he took the whole day off. He handed me the coffee to drink, after a few sips he took the cup from me. He told me he had another surprise, got down on one knee and proposed. It was special and sweet. 

What do you enjoy to do together? 

We like to travel, go fishing. We like festivals.   We like to try new places to eat and venture out in the french quarter. We like watching football together. We also enjoy spending time with our families and friends. 

Tell us about your favorite restaurant(s). 

 Stanley’s for breakfast, Irene’s for dinner

Venues and Vendors:

Getting Ready:  Windsor Court

Ceremony and Reception:  Academy of the Sacred Heart

Cake Artist:  Swiss Confectionary

DJ: .J J& J sound systems



Corrine and Adam’s wedding at The Academy of the Sacred Heart
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