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Congrats Jacida and Avery Part 1 of 2

So excited to share this amazing wedding with everyone ! Rarely do I ( Heather here ) take on weddings but so glad it worked out and I was able to squeeze this one in.  I must admit I was a tad bit nervous considering who Jacida’s son was .

I have had several friends ask what it was like to shoot a wedding with such a huge celebrity there and I have to say I caught myself smiling at the obvious LOVE he had for his mom and his children and theirs for him . It just reminded me how real the bond of family is !

Everything about this day was so incredibly lovely from the bride , to the amazing decor to the most adorable children I have ever seen . Thanks Jacida and Avery for entrusting me to capture one of the most special days of your lives , it was an honor !

Sorry for the overload of details but with details this great I just couldn’t stop myself .

Also huge shout out to my AMAZING Team  ( Eddie Marroquin , Ricky Songy & Allison Hudson ) who I couldn’t have done without .

Flowers / Brides Bouquet : Bella Blooms

Planner : Roz Kay

Prep : New Orleans Hyatt Regency

Ceremony : The Royal Palms

Bridal Gown : Wedding Belles

  1. clydia davis: Beautiful.amazing how the lol boy looks like wayne on as a baby on his ablum he's posing the same and all that photo is worth milestones July 6, 2012 at 6:27 pm
  2. Lisa: Lovely photos! Certainly a beautiful family! Were they friendly to talk to? Did you meet & speak to Lil Wayne? I absolutely love the colors, purple & gold! I love that combo or purple/silver is nice too! I would want Lavendar & Silver :) (I used to have a gray house with Lavendar trim) Congrats on a great wedding shoot! Love & Light... Lisa July 6, 2012 at 1:32 pm

Congrats Lindsay and Troy on your Carriage House Wedding

(Heather here) I’m sitting here trying to edit for a blog post while having a constant interruption from Merrik (our 9 year old ) .  Unfortunately for me and my productivity,  she realized I was editing Lindsay and Troys wedding .  So here’s the deal ,  Merrik ADORES  Mrs. Lindsay , and sort of has a crush on Mr. Troy ( she say’s he’s dreamy with all of his muscles ) !  Then there is the fact that Lindsay’s brother,  Matty,  plays Peter Pan at Disney World, so naturally Merrik thinks he’s the bomb dot com ( her words not mine ) .   The amount of peeking over the shoulder today has been nuts .

Lindsay and Troy had an amazing wedding at The Carriage House a few months ago and we were thrilled to be part of their day.  The way these two act when they are together is adorable!  There were so many great moments from the deep presence of Gods spirit and blessing on their union , to the song Troy wrote and sang to Lindsay .  I have to admit that some of my favorite moments were catching Matty shed so many tears !

Here are a few of my faves from the day

Love you Lindsay and Troy !


Congrats Lindsay and Troy on your Carriage House Wedding

Elizabeth and Stephen- married in New Orleans

Getting Ready:  Ritz Carlton

Reception:  Panda King

Flowers:     Bella Blooms

Video:        Red Sole


This wedding was from January of this year, which was right around Tết, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year.   You’ll notice the images of the groomsman passing out money to the younger kids.  This is a fun tradition!    Elizabeth and Stephen were such a happy couple- they were a blast to work with.  Enjoy!

Elizabeth and Stephen-  married in New Orleans

Nicole and Dustin are married!

Congrats to Nicole and Dustin.  They were married this past weekend at a beautiful Southern Oaks ceremony.   This means we can now share her bridal portraits!   A few weeks ago, we met up with Nicole at Race and Religious in New Orleans for her bridal session.  Look how stunning she is in her blush wedding dress-  we’ll share more soon!

Nicole and Dustin are married!
  1. jane: Looks great. July 26, 2013 at 4:05 am

Coming Soon:

Coming Soon:
  1. Kris & Joe: Shut the front door! June 21, 2012 at 2:15 am
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