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Emily and Justin flaunt at Dunleith Plantation

Emily and Justin put on their wedding attire a few weeks before their wedding so that we could create a portrait for them to display at the wedding.  These “Pre-Wedding Sessions” are getting more and more popular, and we love them!

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Emily and Justin flaunt at Dunleith Plantation

Meagan and Jeff’s Houmas House Wedding

This wedding combined two of our absolute favorite vendors, Bobbi Rice and Houmas House!

Meagan and Jeff were married in southern style at Houmas House!  Readers know that Houmas House is absolutely one of our favorite venues to work at- it’s such a gorgeous venue!   Bobbi Rice did an amazing job as always coordinating and decorating this lovely wedding-  enjoy!

Venue:  Houmas House

Planner/ Designer:  Bobbi Rice

Cake:  Social Bites

Hair and Makeup:  Larry Delancey

Wedding Dress:  Maggie Louiselarry delancey (Colierville, TN)

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Meagan and Jeff’s Houmas House Wedding

Lauren and Denver- married in Baton Rouge

first_united_methodist_baton_rouge baton_rouge_methodist_wedding groomsmen bridal_party_baton_rouge boudreauxs_br fumc_baton_rouge boudreuxs_baton_rouge boudreauxs_baton_rouge_wedding mog lsu_cake happy_bride eat_drink_be_married confetti_wedding bridesmaids bride wedding_exit_confettiCeremony:  First United Methodist – Baton Rouge

Reception:  Boudreaux’s Baton Rouge

Florist: Burk Heroman’s Florist 

Wedding Dress: Ashley Renee Bridal 

Cake:  Ambrosia Bakery

DJ:  Complete Music (D.J.)


Lauren and Denver- married in Baton Rouge

Julie and Clay: Married at Elm’s Mansion in New Orleans

Wedding Planner:  Kendall Poole

Florist:  Au Courant Floral

Venue: Elms Mansion


We were joined in New Orleans by some amazing Mississippi Wedding Vendors for this celebration at Elms Mansion.   Kendall Poole and Au Courant Floral made the drive from Jackson, MS to help put together this beautiful wedding for Julie and Clay.   It was great working with these ladies again!    As always, we just love photographing at Elms Mansion, the grandeur architecture and intimate spaces combine to help create the perfect venue for celebrating.

Julie and Clay were a blast to work with.  This couple came prepared to party!  We hope you enjoy the images…

Elms_Mansion4433 Elms_Mansion4450 Elms_Mansion4453 Elms_Mansion4495 Elms_Mansion4589 Elms_Mansion4496 Elms_Mansion4503 Elms_Mansion4486 Elms_Mansion4265 Elms_Mansion4638 Elms_Mansion4791 Elms_Mansion4982 Elms_Mansion4986 Elms_Mansion4305 Elms_Mansion5302 Elms_Mansion5268 Elms_Mansion5100 Elms_Mansion5181 Elms_Mansion5162 Elms_Mansion5262 Elms_Mansion5303 Elms_Mansion5412 Elms_Mansion5417 Elms_Mansion5449 Elms_Mansion5678 Elms_Mansion5679 Elms_Mansion5692 Elms_Mansion5318 Elms_Mansion5731


Truc and Doan’s Pre Wedding Portraits at Race and Religious

Wedding Gown:  Lazaro

Location:  Race and Religious

How did you two meet?  Doan and I first met in the third grade. It was during rehearsal for our first holy communion. The girls and boys sat on opposite sides of the church and because Doan and I were both shorties at the time, we were placed to sit on the front row of our section directly facing each other. So we couldn’t help but to stare at each other. I guess you can say it was love at first sight! We grew to become good friends and ended up going to the same grade school. Once we reached high school Doan officially asked me to be his girlfriend! and it’s been amazing ever since!


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Truc and Doan’s Pre Wedding Portraits at Race and Religious
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