Angela and Joseph’s Wedding Part 1 of 2


Angela’s Bridals

Just a few of Angela’s Bridals before I start on her amazing wedding ūüôā Enjoy Heather

Tara and Josh: married at the Houmas House (part 2)

And now for part 2! ¬†Tara’s cake was adorned with broaches that have been part of her family for years- ¬†it was¬†gorgeous! ¬†And how about Josh’s I-Phone cake? ¬†Epic! ¬† ¬†Mojeaux rocked the reception as they always do, and of course- the food was amazing.  

Tara and Josh: Married at the beautiful Houmas House! (part 1)

Tara and Josh were recently married at one of our absolute favorite venues, The Houmas House! (between baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana) Tara looked amazing- simply stunning. Be sure to check out their Engagement session and her Bridal session as well: Tara’s Bridals at the Houmas House Tara and Josh {engaged }: Houmas House READ MORE

Tara’s Bridal Session- Houmas House

Location: Houmas House